The Year Of The Snake

The Year Of  the Snake is Approaching

Chinese New year is approaching February 10th 2013 and its clear as to whom these snakes are and are not

they will reveal themselves some already have 2012 was the awakening 2013 will be the test

it may be possible that lines are being drawn and sides being formed

but still and all we must be prepared to face any challenge set forward

we must be ready to live on and off this grid

on and off this system

on and off each other

the selfish will perish as well as the ill intended when all is said and done

those who develop a system a culture or network will have protection

if these words are  hollow look to Greece or Africa see how great civilizations like cush and kemmit lasted

where are they know and why

Rome and other civilizations the same way the pattern all the same

attack after attack then invasion after invasion blood lust human culture

and usually its the Snakes in the bushes who collaspse a culture

be aware be visual be strong this coming cycle




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