The Truth

Tyrone BoogieBlackSheep Canty : Facebook post Jan ,24 ,2013

even if Jesus was a Hebrew he neither looked like the current Arab or the Current Jew , either way sex and Lust can change a people over time , war and invasion can remove a culture , and once know writings were Kept , we were left with the perspective of those who wrote ! evolution says that we can look at the dirt and track deer or dig thru rocks and date time , only evolution or progress , can be responsible , you choose to believe in a spooky though twhen the evidence is in your eyes , the studies ,in-fact you can buy your own lab Mice and produce your own results , nahh we are not that kind of society tho , we are the people who only look under a microscope in school or a telescope for fun , we believe these books of lie’s with no confirmation , we trust these biast ,racist scholars to our history we debate them over us and expedt to function in todays reality or paradigm a lost society and culture hopefully those who intend to evolve will leave the legacy put forth for the next society , why should the future or reality be the next star trek episode or a past one that we have not accepted as the future yet ………you know what never mind

I be so ready to go in on religion , thoughts and perspective according to books and reality, but I chill maybe its family maybe its friends all I know is I care-less more and about those F**ks I can say im giving out way less , im ready to say some real shit , I feel bill Cosby was holding back from what really needs to be said about this , as we lose the race in this thing called race , yes that is exactly what it is a race , and ours is losing , Im talking the people of melanation, color or what ever term you decide to use I say Black people because it Resonates, or Africans in America as  it is relevant to societies reality .  because to me everything is relevant , nothing is separated from the other . this is what Quiten Tarentino explained in pulp fiction ,

we can get lost in philosophical debates about issues , religion , history , but after something has to be , needs to be done , I got a vision of my friend , a brother , family laying in a casket , and now that’s gonna remind me of what I need to be doing why I should not change and to always keep it real and humble , if im gonna die im gonna die , but if I remain humble you wont feel pain but joy that the rest has come and I can shed my shell , its like if I forget about life , I forget about my homeboy , and that’s not likely to happen , im focused on my task because I remember him telling me he love me for the way I was , he wanted to live his way and couldn’t understand my logic at the time , but the night he passed I say a shooting star it was glowing and moving fast , now ill be blunt my friend died drunk driving , meaning he was going fast and I know because he told me as he fly past his neighborhood to his X-point , he was not like us , in the sense some of us are bound to this earth till we meet our purpose I know his was complete because as the youngest brother and the best friend of almost everybody I really didn’t see others cry like I did , and if they did they keep in private because when a person of this caliber goes you then take on a piece of them which maintains strength .

and the only thing im mad at is that he didn’t lay his seed , so his essence is completely absorbed , and that’s why I promote family and life , love and understanding relationships and culture , success is in the family , personal and extended ! you don’t need research to tell you how important family is , but the research reveals what lack of family of culture or love and understanding along with discipline can do .

this could be a waste of a blog , or not . if you feel a slight piece of my pain it was worth every word ! if you choose to click onto other more interesting fascinating endevors of me and my mind , I understand , but this took me all day to write because I already knew once I woke up what I had to do today , what I had to face , reality – the truth – we die how we live – and im probly not that much more different from my friend , I drink I smoke weed and I become irrational in thought not all but some , and im liable to go out the same way , face the same death walk the same path , this is why I go so hard daily , somebody once said I got something to prove , at first I didn’t think I did because honestly I don’t give a fuck what most people think I know what I think but recently ive just been proving to me that I AM and that’s it , im not gonna sit around and tell you be a Vegan and I still want ribs , I eat healthy daily but I was raised on oher items that I enjoy eating , and slowly im moving away from them , im in no rush to not enjoy my life . my friend had 6 years on me , and he lived , I got my kids , the women I love I got my life and I got a vision , im willing to share the vision with positive people , because the vision has solutions and it open to change progress and freedom of mind body and souls , if you did read this long I gota thank you for rocking with my blogs and work , and I will continue to do my best to supply the people with useful information , inspirational information , and hope , this is a long road to the cross roads , and we gotta be around each other thru the travels


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