The Inside on Purple Carrots

so recently I’ve been heavy on a veggie diet , but the purple carrot I just knew something was special about it , so I compiled a few resources for my people to check into , we need to get healthy we need to make healthy children and raise healthy children ,

changing your diet for those who are leaving the matrix is not simple , there is no cold turkey , its the information and how its presented that helps us to alternate our perspective on healthy eating , I hope im presenting this in the best possible way !

thanks for reading and taking the time out to learn something new for yourself






Purple carrots were grown wild 5,000 years ago in the area now known as Afghanistan. Carrots only became orange in the 1500′s when patriotic Dutch growers developed a carrot in an attempt to nationalize the country’s favorite vegetable.

We all know about the numerous health benefits of carrots (Daucus carota L.), they are an excellent source of vitamin A, and contain phytochemicals including carotenoids, phenolics, polyacetylenes, isocoumarins, and sesquiterpenes.

Phytochemicals are plant chemicals that have antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and other disease preventive and health enhancing properties.

Not only do purple carrots contain all of the phytochemicals found in orange carrots, they also contain anthocyanins, potent antioxidants. Anthocyanins are responsible for the bright red, blue and purple colors of fruits and vegetables. Anthocyanins are abundant in berries, especially the blueberry, which has exceptionally high antioxidant activity. purple carrots

Anthocyanins are the major antioxidants in purple-yellow and purple-orange carrots, and purple-yellow carrots have the highest antioxidant capacity, followed by purple-orange carrots. Chlorogenic acid is the most predominant antioxidant in all carrot varieties. Chlorogenic acid is likely responsible for the reduction in diabetes risk that is associated with coffee consumption.In recent years several studies have shown that anthocyanins display a wide range of biological activities including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-carcinogenic activities. In addition they display a variety of effects on blood vessels, platelets and lipoproteins able to reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases.

 The body seems to have limited ability to absorb large amounts of anthocyanin, which indicates that smaller frequent servings may be more beneficial than a single large serving of this superfood.

Carrots are easy to grow, and purple carrot seeds are available online from Amazon

Nutritional Benefits of Purple Carrots

There are so many nutritional benefits when it comes to eating carrots. In fact, some of the nutrition aspects of carrots change depending on whether you are eating them raw or cooked. Purple carrots, in particular, have even more added benefits than your boring orange carrot.

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States has approved the labeling of many proven carrot benefits such as no fat or saturated fat, they are high in Vitamin A, and they are cholesterol free, low sodium, and a good source of fiber. In fact, eating one full size carrot gives an individual enough Vitamin A for the entire day.

Not only is Vitamin A present in carrots, but also other vitamins. Eating carrots provides us with great sources of Vitamins B, C, and E. They include calcium pectate which is a good source of fiber and helps to lower cholesterol. Carrots are also high in mineral salts and potassium

You even get extra benefits from carrots after you cook them. Once they are cooked, carrots possess even more Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, potassium, folic acid, and magnesium. If you boil the carrots without slicing them, you increase your anti-cancer benefits by at least 25%. Steaming or boiling carrots will also help preserve the antioxidants in them and increase the beta-carotene levels. However, those looking to get the Vitamin C bonus are better off eating the carrots raw because they lose some of their Vitamin C after they are cooked.

Carrots are even great for outer beauty as they nourish the body’s skin, hair and nails, enhance the quality of a mother’s breast milk, and contain a form of calcium that is more easily absorbed by our bodies.

Cooking and eating the roots and green of carrots can also be used to promote health. The roots have been used to treat intestinal parasites, constipation, indigestion, and tonsil issues. In ancient times, the purple carrot was used as medicine to treat everything from dog bites to syphilis. Men believed the carrot to be an aphrodisiac and used it to make women more pliable and men more passionate. Carrot greens are high in Vitamin K, a vitamin that is not present in the rest of the carrot.

Purple carrots have extra antioxidant power because of their unique anthocyanins, as well as extra beta-carotenes. Anthocyanins are special color pigments that double as pretty powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are common in many of the red, blue, and purple produce and work to combat free radicals. Free radicals damage our body’s cells and we intake them in many ways, including ingesting deep fried foods. The extra antioxidants in purple carrots are great for the prevention of blood clotting and, therefore, also heart diseases. They are anti-inflammatory agents as well as anti-bacterial.

Carrots are body enhancing miracle workers. Those brave enough to go for the purple carrots get extra benefits to boot. Many consumers say that purple carrots are quite similar in taste to their orange cousins and should be embraced for their nutritional powerhouse benefits.

Purple carrots – the result of mutation because of lethal chemical substances? Fortunately, not – those orange carrots that one buys from the markets are solely one of the myriad diverse types & it appears that the Dutch need to be given due credit for the widespread consumption of this sweet-tasting root veggie in present times.

Carrots earlier obtained were quite slender and in shades of reds, purples & blacks – rather bitter-tasting. The orange colour appeared in the sixteenth century as a result of inventive Dutch cultivators using trans-mutated N. African yellowish carrot seeds for creating orange carrots.

After ten years of cultivation experiments, revival of a veggie that dates back several thousand years back has been possible. Purple carrots are tricky in growing & even quite hideous & somewhat of a creature. Because of this, it is inconceivable that purple carrots would be seen in fresh veggie marts, rather the latest resurgence of such an age old form is due to its recognized worth in the nutraceuticals business.

It is a well-identified fact that deeper the tone of a veggie, the better it is for your health & this veggie has a deep purplish colour. As information about it wasn’t available hence its testing was conducted by researchers.

This variety when tested was found to possess exceedingly high antioxidant presence as well as inflammation-combating attributes thus capable of treating arthritic & metabolic syndrome patients among several other health problems. It is rather exceptional for any food based item to be having such potent outcomes on severe inflammation & pain respite and has trounced several pharmaceuticals brand names in correlated studies.

Beta carotene presences in purple carrots are in fact two times that one could get from any other carrot variety and believed to lower cancer risk. Moreover the additional health advantage in purple carrots is anthocyanins that are deemed potent antioxidants and is present twenty-eight times more as compared to the orange variety. Purple carrots thus surpass the antioxidant rich properties of even blueberries.

The anti-cancer-causing powers of purple carrots have been proven to assist against cancers, cardiovascular ailment, stroke & also diabetes. However, as our bodies are capable of absorbing anthocyanins to only some extent hence it is recommended that serves of this veggie be small-sized & not overdoing it.

The root of purple carrots has been deployed for treatment of an array of health issues like parasitic worms in intestines, feeling constipated, unsettled stomach & tonsil problems. During primeval era, purple carrots were deployed for their medicinal value for treatment of animal bite cases to even sexually transmitted diseases. It has even been believed to have aphrodisiac properties.

Even, the FDA has consented to carrots being promoted as a fat-less, less-salt, cholesterol-less and rich in vitamin A, fiber.

Consuming this purple powerhouse veggie will even promote weight loss while also shielding blood vessels, improve eyesight, lower allergy reactions and the best way of adding it into your everyday consumption is in juiced form. Factually, just a single carrot eaten would help provide adequate vitamin A for the whole day.

Dr. Red Nutraceuticals offers a crystalline item for consumption that consists of ingredients like extracts of olive leaves & purple carrots that people could procure from markets and are even planning to research more items having purple carrots as the key constituent.

Purple carrots are being cultivated across several Australian locations for pharmaceuticals reasons. Preservation & development of the seeds of purple carrots have been done for a decade by S. Pacific Seeds & Dr. Red’s firm is now growing these in several areas with emphasis put on Lowood yield whose current harvesting is been done. With a yield of thirty metric ton at hand another hundred are anticipated soon.

Although the colour of this carrot variety might put-off some while be quite eye-catching to others, it is certainly befitting to be a healthy individual’s best buddy

Forget about vitamin A pills. With this orange crunchy powerfood, you get vitamin A and a host of other powerful  health benefits including beautiful skin, cancer prevention, and anti-aging.  Read how to get maximum benefits from this amazing vegetable.

Benefits of Carrots

1.  Improved Vision Western culture’s   understanding of carrots being “good for the eyes” is one of the few we got  right. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in  the liver. Vitamin A is transformed in the retina, to rhodopsin, a purple  pigment necessary for night vision.

Beta-carotene has also been shown to protect against macular degeneration and  senile cataracts. A study found that people who eat the most beta-carotene had  40 percent lower risk of macular degeneration than those who consumed  little.

2.  Cancer Prevention Studies have shown carrots  reduce the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Researchers have  just discovered falcarinol and falcarindiol which they feel cause the anticancer  properties.

Falcarinol is a natural pesticide produced by the carrot that protects its  roots from fungal diseases. Carrots are one of the only common sources of this  compound. A study showed 1/3 lower cancer risk by carrot-eating mice.

3.  Anti-Aging The high level of beta-carotene acts  as an antioxidant to cell damage done to the body through regular  metabolism.  It help slows down the aging of cells.

4.  Healthy Glowing Skin (from the inside) Vitamin  A and antioxidants protects the skin from sun damage. Deficiencies of vitamin A  cause dryness to the skin, hair and nails. Vitamin A prevents premature  wrinkling, acne, dry skin, pigmentation, blemishes, and uneven skin tone.

5.  A Powerful Antiseptic Carrots are known by  herbalists to prevent infection. They can be used on cuts – shredded raw or  boiled and mashed.

6.  Beautiful Skin (from the outside) Carrots are  used as an inexpensive and very convenient facial mask.  Just mix grated  carrot with a bit of honey. See the full recipe here: carrot face mask.

7.  Prevent Heart Disease Studies show that diets  high in carotenoids are associated with a lower risk of heart disease.   Carrots have not only beta-carotene but also alpha-carotene and lutein.

The regular consumption of carrots also reduces cholesterol levels because  the soluble fibers in carrots bind with bile acids.

8.  Cleanse the Body Vitamin A assists the liver  in flushing out the toxins from the body. It reduces the bile and fat in the  liver. The fibers present in carrots help clean out the colon and hasten waste  movement.

9.  Healthy Teeth and Gums It’s all in the crunch!  Carrots clean your teeth and mouth. They scrape off plaque and food particles  just like toothbrushes or toothpaste.  Carrots stimulate gums and   trigger a lot of saliva, which being alkaline, balances out the acid-forming,  cavity-forming bacteria.  The minerals in carrots prevent tooth damage.

10.  Prevent Stroke: From all the above benefits it  is no surprise that in a Harvard University study, people who ate more than six  carrots a week are less likely to suffer a stroke than those who ate only one  carrot a month or less

health benefits of carrotsCarrots are known as the vegetable that is easy to grow, tasty and high nutrition. Both children and adults like carrots because of its sweet taste and crunchy texture.

Carrot or called Daucus carota is a vegetables grown throughout the year, especially in mountain areas that have cold temperatures and moist, approximately in height of 1200 meters above sea level.

Carrot plants can grow in almost all seasons. There are more than 100 species of carrots ranging from not only in colors but also its size from as small as two inches to three feet.

Carrots are the second most popular type of vegetable after potatoes. It provides a lot of nutrition to the body. According to calorie count, nutritional value of 128 grams of carrot are as shown below.

nutritional value of carrot

Apart from that, carrots are also good sources of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin K, biotin, fiber, potassium and thiamine. Here are 7 health benefits of carrots for human body:

  1. Prevent Cancer Many studies shown that eating carrots may help lower the risk of breast cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer. Recently, researchers have isolated a compound called falcarinol in carrots that may be largely responsible for anti-cancer benefits. Falcarinol is a natural pesticide found in carrots that protects roots from fungal diseases. In daily diet, carrots are almost the only source of these compounds. A study conducted on mice found that they were fed with either raw carrots or falcarinol have one-third lower risk of developing colon cancer than mice not fed by them.
  2. Improve Vision The retina of the eye needs vitamin A to function, lack of vitamin A causes night blindness. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, a substance which converted into vitamin A in the liver. In the retina, vitamin A is transformed into rhodopsin, a purple pigment that necessary for night vision. In addition, beta-carotene help protect against macular degeneration and the development of senile cataracts. A study found that people who eat most Beta-carotene had 40 percent lower risk of macular degeneration than those who consumed little.
  3. Prevent heart disease Studies shown that a diet high in carotenoids are associated with a lower risk of heart disease. Also, it is believed that regular consumption of carrots reduces cholesterol levels. Soluble fiber in carrots can help lower blood cholesterol levels by binding with and removing bile acids, cholesterol triggers would be pulled out from the bloodstream to make more bile acids.
  4. Reduce the risk of stroke According to research from Harvard University, people who ate more than six carrots a week are much less likely to suffer a stroke than those who ate only one carrot a month or more.
  5. Nourish Skin Carrot has a strong cleansing properties that are effective in detoxifying the liver, thus very effective for acne that is caused by toxins from the blood. Carrot is also useful for treating uneven skin tones due to pigmentation. The vitamin A and other nutrients contained in carrot efficiently nourish the skin, prevent dry skin and other skin blemishes.
  6. Anti-aging Carrots contain a lot of beta-carotene, which serves as an antioxidant that helps the body to fight against free radicals. It also help slows down the aging of cells and various negative effect associated with aging.
  7. Dental Health Carrots can even help clean your teeth, and is the best way to keep your mouth clean after meals. They act as natural abrasives that help in eliminating the dirt and plague from the teeth and gums. They also trigger a lot of saliva, which helps to scrub away stains on your teeth. Minerals in carrots helps to kill germs in the mouth and prevent tooth damage.

Carrots are really an amazing vegetable. There are many benefits of carrots and they are easy to add to your diet without much extra preparation. Carrots, either as raw fruit juice or in cooked form are good for health.



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