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Are Black men The Enemy ?

                            I Am not excusing it but I may possibly see it from the perspective of these men because I lived thru what their frustration comes from I have been in those shoes, not entirely but during those times when the vile Hatred for you is spoken from the women who look like you raised you or even consider themselves your mate. Is it true that black women Not all but a lot of them see Black men as a stain or scarlet letter. I ask Constantly what every women’s definition of a man is —— of course you know I rarely get the same answer. I’m reminded of the twitter trolls and youtube commenters they attack me just not as much as they attack other more outspoken advocates for change in the relationship structure of the black community . what else to do but show you the wrong of your ways if we are constantly reminded of how much “we aint shit” or are the poster children for “Child Support” !……
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That Great Loss!

We lose a lot of things in this world, it causes a chain reaction. it first starts when you loose yourself and what you believed. it is true you don’t know what you have until its gone and when its gone there really is no getting it back. the pain of loss can be from death to a relationship either way it hurts.   People have been know to die from a broken heart.……
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Herbs Vs Chemical”s , wow thats easy

Asking to be verified is like being Stopped and frisked , wow did I say that ? yep ! im only being challenged because I need to be strong in how i handle interactions . I’m moving into radio broadcastings, that is a media i had never envisioned. i was content with being known as the guy who after 8,000 instagram post i got banned randomly. or it could have been the last real male female debate. that time i lost my cool , i violated, ill admit it.

i lost my cool ,

                 I remained defiant towards adversity against my people , inspiring, teaching. But since I dont watch Tv anymore and i study lecture after lecture , and compare my notes to  them , i just began to take in  new information , but based on my own perception , experience has taught me, self is the way to go. So I just began to read more.

                 this whole perceived debating is just so that people pay attention, fact check. i can work with people who are driven like myself to do it better and different.

Natural living is a major part of it,

pharma is about the best way to make more money . If i was in the position to capitalize i would would stratigize the same way. who plots t go broke ? obtaining certain herbs is just restricted to some. america you have so many restrictions on herbs and fruits its not funny, its irrational.

but let me drop this information real quick and be ready to pick up my first born by 2 o’clock,

Nat Geo – Desk Reference to Natures Medicine,

Contraceptive, lets talk about the Natural` remedies in just this book for now

Pg. 290

– Greek physcian Soranus , ( yes Sor-Anus ) you see it ) the foremost writer on Gynecology in the ancient world, included in his works 5 prescriptions using POMEGRANATE for Oral Contraceptive and vaginal suppositories , other writers who described the pomegranate seeds and rinds to prevent contraception included Hippocrates , Dioscorides, and Ibn Sina ( Avicenna, 930-1037 )……
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