Latent Racism,


well another reason why I go so Hard , Latent Racism . We see it in our daIily lives , but its brought to my attention frequently , literally people @me

so what do, I do, when I see what they see ? I ask simple questions, this usually brings out the worst in people with ill intent ( the true nature comes out ) almost every time, and yes Projections but this lady became confused because she had to defend her initial statement



Well , well well here we go again good people . I didn’t know this portion existed at the time, my attention was called in after a series of comments , that which I also have there is nothing like a good screen grab , in this age of technology it protects you and your assets. so what do you do when you see a conversation that’s just gone far left.


seem innocent , this women is defending her comment , right ? or is there much more to what we see going on ? where im at in life research is required. you have to see the present before and then you can assume the after. my assumption was that this was abut to get real racist , real quick . Now I must admit , some of us can be overtly obsessive with race, we can be over bearing on the history we have learned or even the present condition that we observe. That all time “White people do it to” came from my mouth and that was prior ro my knowledge of knowing that’s a mental coup out. ive learned not to care about what white people do that matches the lower forms of black society either way its a lower form of society, nothing to aspire to or compare with.



This sister here really broke her down from the Jump. and I commend her for dropping jewels then the microphone and walking away from this ignorant person. im pretty sure this women was the personification of an energy vampire as she started jumping on more people who expressed a bit of concern towards how she characterized versions of  Black women, including those with men , and black men as extremely attracted to white women so much that he would dance with one in the club while his women is  in the area ( really? ) or would even initiate the attempt to hook up with this women in a visible area . that part makes me question the story as a black man, only because if I take my woman to the club  I am handcuffing her and she is hand cuffing me , and I’m the type to be like go dance with whom you want im confident in my self so im not worried about a grind in the club.


again shout out to this sister for seeing the truth after a few comments , but the insanity kept going as I’m guessing other people was notified to this “Persons” post and it gets better toward the end , the Victim card was pulled after all of these post were deleted by evelina27 IMG_2046

so this was my comment , after I read thru every bodies responses thus far  and then her first comment this was all I could think of to inject my own perspective into the post and then  ,EVE_Lina ? ‘s response. I think she was still in defense mode and possibly on something as she began confusing who made what statement thru her hate filled rants,




so you see why people were up in a roar as she threw insults randomly and mistakenly toward peoples this is when I realized the sister in the top was correct this was a troll , yes one of those lil green people with crazy hair that come from under rocks to disturb your life. this was my instagram mentions


ive noticed that republicans and white people get really offended when you present them with an intelligent response that they cannot comprehend or don’t expect , this example of Latent racism was becoming Blatant and then the typical thing happened , like it would have been had not screen shots existed this chick deleted all her  prior post and started pulling the I flagged you and and im gonna tell somebody response ,

whew thank the ancestors its not 1932 or cowards in white sheets would come to defend the white whores honor. yes whore I can say just read her post about clubbing and chasing men , men with women already I might add , a trait that befalls some , while others are just naïve to it at first. and heartbroken by it later on.

but when I told it tell who you want I screen shot everything you said already because you are an example , the choppy response came , this is how you know you played the game correctly.


good people I ask you to pay attention to your friends and the people around you , im sure this person works around other African Americans , she Holds these Latent Racist feelings she can hide behind online and delete , but this is 2013 , I have an iphone and I know how weak people operate , what they cant handle they delete or try to remove. im am meticulous at this when I sense Danger I protect my interest you should to, this is the way of life survival of the fittest , we are not in the wild any more this is the tech age. now this was all going on while I was being attacked by the predator looking chick from the last post , frustration was high , and I could have handle each situation more adult , more respectably but I didn’t , if I did you would not be able to witness this – you are the court of public opinion .

IMG_2079IMG_2047 IMG_2048 IMG_2049 IMG_2050 IMG_2052

these are the rest of the images , im spring cleaning so I figure I get rid of these images and others , as im moving n to bigger and better things but like other post I have up this will remain as a reminder to me to stay humble and just leave certain shit alone unless I know it provides the perfect example of what I intend to prevent in future generations . the internet is the village raising children at this point , so inject your parent hood and sense of right and wrong into , eventually this beast will live on its own and you just like your children will play a pivotal role in its condition of thinking . some of you already know google lead you to this post or yahoo , the tech brain is working and the human brain is just as fast if not faster ,


you and you alone have the real choice of what you choose to understand and not , believe and not , but in all honesty Trolls racist and disgusting people exist , and they need to be exampled over and over again ,


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