@joeBudden way pass due

                          im not sure when joe really became a relevant part of hip hop , a stain that could  not be washed  out , maybe it was pump it up , jay-z had that beat first , or was it the hip hop chart that sparked beef with basically the entire wu-tang , but I seen men fix that issue and I gained mad respect for Joe and method man after that , we coulda had another Big Pac incident that quick , joe buddens does not lack passion , Joe buddens is like Kryptonite to women , our Keisha cole , a complete rejection of Drakes soft sappy love tracks of downgrading other niggas while bigging himself up , real niggas dnt do that , I look at all tracks when judging music , that playing your album from front to back matters to me , I barely fuck with rap either , these new niggaslack passion and substance they spoiled actually , so real ness stands out , im wondering if its just me or is this nigga still rappinf like hes trying to get a deal on his first habit , im off the money topic , ive rapped about money I didn’t have ,ive had , and money I thought was coming ,cars I never drove , entertainment is that , but relationship records matter because they connect to real people , we watch listen as joe basically lives a lot of his relationship in the public eye , and release his tension in his music , that underrated concept of rappers is negated by the fact that people know better then to put bull shit over real shit but mainstream makes the guidelines and not sure if Joe is main stream enough .

joe bu

twitter is the place to catch random Joebuddens realness , the hate in a search is even better , but the thirst was a trend i can only associate with Joe , and you cant front you use the term till this day , we watched as him an d ester went in on each other , then there was Ordinary love shit Pt3 which , basically turned you for or against the man who let it out , as one who study’s relationships i always refer to Joe as he has managed to stand in all relationship structures publicly and that cant be disputed , this cat is Jerseys hero , but i dont wanna crown him King by his own account he not readdy just yet to carry the city and its other artist back to the days of Brick city ,


Mood Muzik , quarter on the loose , the curious case of buddens , slaughterhouse tracks , and the Bet cypher , how much more work do ou need , you see his instagram the niggas and women love and like his pics of cuddle shit daily but we know that nigga is balanced , soft and crazy at the same damn time , the same as evcery other nigga , my favorite line he spit was “if i told you my problems you would think i was showing off ! ” ) i honestly feel that , i tried explaining my issues to niggas who dont have em and they gave me the look like i never experienced that how can i get to that level of life , honety is a trait you embrace moeafter listening to this niggas records , iinpiration to be as real as it gets , these women show you exactly how they like it thru the response they give to him , Love and Hip hop is a good look , you can tell by the ratings , im waiting to coup this album , after all the mixtapes , ill be highly vocal if that shit dont pop , highly vocal ,  bu i trust the game is ready for a marketable joe


some of us Downgrade after a break up , some of us upgrade , leaving our ex in an awkward position of accepting the reality of you being gone , over them , or completely capable of raising your standards past the standards you accepted with them , so kudos to the nigga whos had like 10 once in a lifetime girl friends while these other niggas still chasing the box we ran thru in th ehood , respect the game and the gangster most of all respect the music ,



power 105 interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMfIjKof4HY


Real shit @joebudden is way pass due


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