Dark Matter Manifestation


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you didn’t need a magic ball to see where this was headed , I didn’t need a bible or spirit guide , no 3rdeye no meditation , this was going to happen , now I can believe its probably conspiratorial in its manifestation, but if its not it would not matter as it was bound to happen , I have embraced seeing the black women as god , but the black women I deal with , I cant and wont rationally or logically admit out of my mouth something I know not to be truth . I have a son and daughter and I value them equally thou I see my son as a future man and my daughter as a future women and I must raise them accordingly they are equal in beings and purpose on this earth .
so what does it matter if we hear this discussion out , hear the perspective , to tell you the truth ! its becoming a part of the broader spectrum we have to take apart what’s being presented. and put it back together .
Scholarship , that’s relevant to engage in , facts and science as well . lets reference a scholar and see if his information is valuable

Jonathan Marks ” is creationism worse than genetic essentialism
“The other marketable genetic approach to kinship involves the use of mitochondrial or Y chromosomal DNA to identify your kinfolk. Now Mitochondrial DNA and most of the Y have the property of being clonally inherited: mother to sons and daughters in the case of mitochondrial DNA , and father to sons in the case of the Y. The Bad news is that this tracks the inheritance of perhaps 1/50 of your genome, and it leaves most of your ancestors in any generation”
” Lets say your ancestors arrived on these shores 300 years ago, 1750. lets generously assume 25 years per generations, so your ancestry in this hemisphere goes back 12 generations. How many ancestors did you actually have 12 generations ago ? Simple: two to the twelfth power, or 4096. assuming a perfect and unique match of the DNA sequences, how many of your 4096 ancestors 12 generations ago have you located ? if YOUR A WOMEN 1 AND IF YOUR A MAN 2 using both mitochondrial Y chromosome DNA , ”

its apparent that women tho great still cant do things that men do , and the other way around , and for specific reasons , Nature has created its perspective of perfection and even nature creates anomalies , for instance 1 in every 500-1000 males born carry 2x chromosomes and one y , its called kLINEFELTER’S SYNDROME see maybe I get alil offended when people assert to have the direct truth , when my blood , my features and my genetic trait that I inherited from my mother I passed on to my daughter infact 2 specific traits one sickle cell trait , the blood type of the west African and a mutation of extra fingers , one thing I never cared to study much. I a Man has passed on traits that have been given to me from my an ancestor preferably 12 generations ago ,1 or more of 4096 people ,

as with the 13th sun , im highly disappointed in natural tahuti but hey the people trying are going to get things wrong from time to time , lets hope for the people sake he can refine the message of the man being a Degenerative womb-man and also asserting that a man thinking he’s equal to a female is gay , that’s speaking a tuff line to understand if your also referring to god in your specific terminology which is based of the Etymology of a the word , but im assured that its understood that when the word equal is spoken its not in a physical form , nor the exact mental form , its a compliment of the opposite , universal principles that no matter how much we try to change form or move will balance out its self , My black women is God I will never Doubt that , but if I can open 2 books and see the same information presented specifically in a purely scientific forum , the discussion must be hand , without emotions as to our work being all for nothing , don’t realize your worth once you become worthless to your own cause , we are rising as people and all of these messages and forums are for the next generations to refine so that our grand and great grand children have a substantial nation .


im only Vdubboogie tho and I only believe in the people whether they believe it or not ,


One thought on “Dark Matter Manifestation”

  1. There should be no concept of any walking being in this earth calling them self gods. Black women & black men. You can’t call yourself a god when you can’t even provide for your kids properly. You can’t call yourself a god if you’re bottom of the barrel within this world we live in now. Maybe 3-4000 years ago we may if had our “3rd eye” open & all our chakras masterd but TODAY what state are we in now ? From when no man, women, melenated & non melenated cannot even access 90% of their brain 90% of their DNA, who are we to call ourself gods ? Who is the black man to call him self a god ? Who is the black women to call herself a god ? Please, when we have accented and became at one with our “pineal” which in certain most black men & women have not due to our very recent history of slavery. We have physiological issues we need to deal with & more important issues than the black man is the true infinite god. Sounds like a ego boast to me, for both parties, men & women. Death to this who is god discussion because from when black people across the globe can’t even sustain within their own countries & can’t even protect and have that balance between feminine & masculine energy none of these black people are god. We need to deal with SERIOUS issues, not silly little stories people are debating over, it’s useless if we don’t have BALANCE. Having one significant other dominating the other has no balance within the holy family.

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