Color Blind

White supremacy was over when the women became the slave master. and the seed of the rebellious son will take even more whips and lashes because they fear not being in control ! They fear the spread of the mis-content ! Treating the women above the men from young then expecting the roles to be simply reversed when maturity is reached is a flawed practice ! It’s flawed in its inception because it was made to break you without u even knowing it !

It’s important for fathers to be around to protect there sons from the slave master and the slave masters tool , if we don’t step in when you forget your place and what you were suppose to be doing with that son, that boy, that future king, then you will continue to tear them down continue to break him into the slave you don’t want( Kunta ) , you want Toby, you want Toby more then the slave master wants Toby ! And you stand and complain about your situation complain about your men complain about how he can’t when it was you who broke him before he could ! I have to fight my self from being the slave masters hand on my child I’d rather them being spoiled then to be enslaved and forced into a society of supremacy ! This  has got to stop ! This whole premise of destroying your sons has got to stop ! Or the backlash will be worst then what you see now in Chicago, but it will be in every major city known ! And these men that you did not raise these men that you tried to break these men that you tried to become master of ! Will not care who they destroy when they come for their freedom !


Freeing Minds

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