Chakras and Black People



it’s not spooky in-fact its more relevant than religion. the chakra system is about learning who you are and understanding your body and its energy at the basic of its understanding. the seven main chakras as explained can help with self understanding and the quest is to KNOWTHYSELF and learning all that you can about yourself is important . The Chakra system is intended specifically for you to learn yourself become aware of who you are and your actions


the root Chakra ,usually called the 1st chakra the lowest of the seven chakra system, and the basic of them all , Survival , sexuality, stability, and sensuality . this is how we form relationships and bonds in modern society and culture being aware of your sexuality helps in choosing a suitable mate for survival, we want to pass on as much of a duplicate as possible . the color red is always associated with the 1st chakra the Muladhara and is used to focus or channel the bodies energy into stimulating these specific functions, Hematite is the stone associate with the Root chakra and is supposed to help with mediation and balance of this specific chakra system


The Sacral Chakra or 2nd chakra is known as the source chakra for Reproduction , it is the chakra of the testis’ and ovaries. the second chakra encompasses traits that we find ourselves practicing violence, addictions, basic emotional needs, and pleasure. we must remember that all are connected. and just as this chakra can govern bad traits it can also govern you good ones like Joy, Enthusiasm , and Creativity . Carnelian is the stone associated with the sacral chakra , if you’re attempting to bear children this stone is helpful to have around t he house or in the room you intend to conceive in


the 3rd Chakra The Solar Plexus , is the chakra is the belly of the beast its your digestive system , you know how they say you are what you eat ? well this is the reason the solar plexus is fed by the sun and foods that feed off sunlight do well to help cultivate the elevation of this chakra. As with all chakras certain emotions or characteristic are associated with the 3rd chakra personal power, fear, anxiety, opinion-formation, introversion, and transition from simple emotions to complex ones. mentally the 3rd chakra is associated with mental expansion the Manipura your Growth Chakra . the stone associated with the 3rd chakra is Citrine and should probably be kept in your kitchen as you’re preparing meals


The 4th Chakra the Heart the center of it all to me , one of the most important to focus on, on a daily basis . the symbol for the heart chakra is familiar as well as the color, if you are familiar with Egyptian spiritual knowledge your understand the phrase ASABOVESOBELOW, if you look into the symbol you’ll notice 2 pyramids one right side up one upside down , this symbolizes you, your upper and lower self . As we begin to go thru the upper chakras you begin to see the higher realm of thought and emotions concerning each , the heart chakra is your center . the 4th chakra or Anahata-puri is the healing factor of the chakra system it associated with development of resistance to outside attacks, this chakra is key to the next life. purity of the heart is important compassion, tenderness, unconditional love, equilibrium, rejection and well-being all associated with the heart chakra. and most important to me is PASSION. Rose Quartz is the stone associated with the heart chakra and if possible should be incorporated into a necklace with gold as the primary conductor to the body .


the 5th chakra , The throat, this chakra is stimulated a lot daily as the sky is blue and resonates with us frequently. communication is the realm of the 5th chakra . with clear focus you can channel the 5th chakra to understand your thought and move them more fluently up the chakra system . the 5th chakra is a projection of your confidence in self , the 5th chakra is what others encounter when having a conversation with you the stone associated with the 5th chakra is Sodalite , and when ever you feel you lack the confidence to speak the ideas is the stone should help your chakra focus, or you to focus on your chakra.


The 6th chakra , or the 3rd Eye Ajna is your gut feeling, your intuition , your third eye is what happens when you read between the lines and find the truth. stimulation of the 6th chakra can be spiritual in feeling and unbelievable in reality, those time when you felt you should have gone with your gut – that was your 3rd eye activating telling you which direction to go , the 6th chakra operates of the famine principle and you can understand what I mean if you’re a guy because your women always seems to know , and women you always seem to find what your gut tells you is going on. the Pineal gland is the 6th chakra location . your brain is electric and should be fed oxygen as often as possible , stimulating the 6th chakra can be done by simple tactics , magnets on your forehead or just eating electric foods that contain zinc , copper, chromium and even gold . the 6th chakra is important so take good care to enhance it


the 7th chakra the completion of the consciousness, the center of your higher self . the 7th chakra is said to encompass your entire central nervous system, and is said to also be connected to the pituitary gland which ironically matches the Egyptian eye of Horace thru an X-ray of the human brain


what did the Ancients Know ? the stone to enhance your connection to the 7th chakra is the Clear Quartz , and this realm is pure blelief and understanding of yourself your consciousness and your purpose.

we are in control of ourselves and can focus on the many parts of our bodies that help us to form complete understanding of self , the more you feel or need to study the chakra systems means your interested in knowing more about yourself . you choose to be at peace with your presence and adjust to the circumstances that encompass your life, the study of chakras is a resurging life style , a rejection of modern religious corruption an the form of knowing yourself so that loving others wont be an issue , the chakra system is Karma its your energy it’s what you choose to be and live , whether you know of your chakras or not they are active, universal law is always active. everything you throw into the universe will come back to you so keep throwing positive energy out .




5 thoughts on “Chakras and Black People”

  1. I am interested in learning to teach classes on how to know thy self through balancing energy with the chakras. I haven’t really did that much research on this topic. However, I haven’t seen any type of classes for Black people to learn about who we really are!

  2. First, thank you for posting this article. It has helped a lot as I am learning/studying more chakra healing for my family. To those who are questioning this for black people? Ancient times is black people, this process started with black people. We are the original earth humanity of people. Every land space of earth has black people who were the original inhabitants, well maybe not Antarctica. So this is our heritage, birthright, doctrine or whatever else you want to refer to it as.

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