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Black Panther Validates Marvels Cinematic Existence.

Marvel Has had a Decent run with block buster, after block buster based on its comic content. if you went to school in the 90’s and the 2000’s then you have been waiting for this exact moment in time. we had planed the cast out as children, debated who would make the perfect Wolverine. we all knew captain Picard ( Patrick Stewart would play professor x. I know i wanted to be a character but i had the insight to know that with powers came problems, i liked Bishop but hated his story line it was unforgiving and he was locked in a cycle of preventing the extinction of mutants in time line after time line. Cable the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey a baby born who’s only chance of survival was in the future. Marvel has some in-depth characters and story lines behind them.

I have to be honest Marvel should thank African Americans for saving it from its self. with the sale of fantastic Four and X Men mistakes were made and foresight was forgotten. But lets just be honest, Blade was marvels resurgence into our minds and hearts, and the truth is most of you never knew it was a marvel project. Black panther has again saved Marvel from itself, the buildup to the infinity Wars, though great is full of wasted opportunity. With Disney acquiring X-men and most of its Intellectual property back, i would wait for an infinity wars movie. Marvel should not waist what Black America has done for them again, “Saved Marvel Studios”

yes i believe Blade and Black Panther Saved Marvel Studios. the popularity and anticipation for the black panther film crossed boundaries of race and sex, an unintended result of Black influence on American culture. We have to think about Recent events to understand why the Black Panther reached dipper into the minds of almost everyone who had the opportunity to see the film. We have a president in america who has recently expressed his disdain for African nations and Haiti. We are experiencing the Withdrawals from President Barack Obama, Blacks are still facing Oppression and Blatant racism all over the globe. Everybody Needed to see the Positive that is the black Influence, Blacks Needed to See that we all face an internal conflict on how we should Stand for our selves, our people and our culture.

i believe Marvel afforded its studio a 5 years to revamp and adjust its planed features, Marvel also has a presence on Netflix that can use some work but again Luke Cage seems to be the show that will Carry Marvel on Netflix.

Should Marvel Donate 25% of its Black Panther profits to the Black Community ? i say no. if you agree with this idea you have the lack of foresight, and the mind of a consumer, i would take 75% off merchandise licensing for 7 Years. could you imagine what you could do with that ? Marvel owes Nothing to Consumers but a Product Marvel owes its Investors results and profits. America is Built on a Free Market, incentives are earned and lobbied for. i will not cosign any efforts that will not begin the process of creating generational wealth for the Black Community. #Wakanda should not just be a fictional homeland of black prosperity and unity, it should be our Intention

The Movie was Great, Marvel did A Good Job, if i had a compliant about the Movie i honestly would not have posted it. take your time to enjoy the Experience, take your time to enjoy the movie, take no-ones word about the movie except for your own, and prey Marvels digs up more of its black Character conten


DR Francis Crest Welsing is not A target for your sympathy , Tommy Sotomayor

                       none of your scared followers will challenge you ,non will say your hate for pro blacks has grown only because your love for appeasing white supremacy ideology, you keep stretching for Tariq Nasheed to address the Jews in the slave trade, there is no need to, the nation of Islam has done a great job as well as real history books. now i was pry enough to see a video from one of your loyal supporters telling you exactly how you embarrassed her live on air , when Mimi explained her date live on air and how good it was until she mentioned you to her date, and he went on about how you hate women and should chill, i knew the propaganda your spewing is not entirely healthy for our community , I’ve had the privilege of being on talk real solutions the first time i listened they cheered for beating the law suit you filed , the next good show was when a contributor of yours called in to explain why you gave him back $200 tried to say he stole it and loss that , so to me your track record of lies was building , then the shots at Tariq, nobody mentioned the fact that you do Sunday shows and as a host that’s a shot ,doing a show on my time slot which has been for quite some times that’s offensive and you know it. any host knows it.with that said your victim mentality is stronger then the force , you started a problem and you want sypmapathy from your follows to feel good , let me tell you about depression and needing confirmation by others , its a cancer that can spread and kill in so many ways self confirmation is the best healing , either way your wrong and your a sucker for using Dr Welsing to get at your advisory smfh. i hope you keep getting exposed for your love of white supremacy ideology 

thank you Jason Black

Has Tommy Sotomayor had enough ? The Roast games

                  you had to have been aware of the sub-shots thrown towards Tariq , you also had to have been aware of Tommys track record of conflict, with so many people wanting to be  Internet sensations and shock entertainers you have a series of people speaking truth but with an alternate agenda. ATTENTION!!!!!! . if your a husband you see it in your wife , if your a parent you see it in your children , but when it comes to entertainment its almost hard because its entertainment. YOUTUBE has created a good sense of the conflict and problems in the So-called black community ,mental and literal infiltration of an ideology presented by white supremacy, this is not to scare you, but to show you that we have a problem a big problem and it needs to be addressed in a major way as soon as possible.



The Honorable Dick Gregory explains systematic white supremacy

This man spoke truth to propaganda , Alex jones to me is suspect in supporting the black urban confine , projects or flat out FEMA camps, as they should be called . I love every word spoken by the Honorable Dick Gregory because it was undeniable and concise. We need more elders and true black leaders like this, or we must become one

Why tommy lost the roast

Well I have to say tommy lost for several reasons number 1 being the @ to Tariq after the roast of the revolutionary wit tattoos. Most men can state that they defended or gave tommy the being it of the doubt but after eric garner and Ranisha Mcbride you had to have doubts , why do we find every single flaw in ourselves but not the oppressive dynamic thag created whom we are ? , yes we are a creation . I want to break it down exactly why tommy lost and actually asked for this verbal assault on his character , but it’s also the reason I will distance myself from him as much as possible .there is a blog set on private right now of a conversation I had with a black female the dialog was impressive until I mentioned Tommy’s name , I never posted this blog but I kept it . Long start short as I sat and heard tommy take shots at Tariq I wondered why , but this whole episode explained it and the mentality if elder black men , I’m young so my observation is key to me helping the next generation . Now some readers may remember Tommy’s first Sunday broadcast ! If you do then you understand that’s is when Tariq does his live broadcast , to me as a radio host who knows other host that’s shots fired and an attempt to steal an audience you know is listening to your show and others according to schedule . To me that was the first shot fired . The next to memes when hidden colors dropped forget tenjew question during a love broadcast tommy insinuated that Tariq was lip smacking to much and carmax pimped hard . Second shot – but if you noticed Tariq ignored it and stood by tommy curving the questions of adding him to the coin train . Yea he did that love in air , he also curved a sister and asked her not to even discuss the different platforms on his , I respected the curve and ignoring of everybody who wanted to stimulate this beef . But tommy had to go far , first the negros bootlegging vid then the vid I his studio mention the reaching out, but when he dropped that ether , he asked for war – JOKES , as they may call it – and he for exactly that – now #mikebrown is a hot topic , and I think Tariq was right for jumping into the conversation in an off day to address racism white supremacy , but see the ether video was out and circulating and people were jn the ustream askin Tariq to address tommy as always in a Tariq ustream – he ignores the whole thing for weeks – so his roast o tommy was justified because of the cheap shots he never replied to , as for tommy I. My twitter mentions mad as to why I said tariq won -!


I had to unfollow this dude case he is extra sensitive and emotional and that can’t fly if you speak to lead or guide people away from lames . …….,,,,


Owe and when the ask if you lied , I believed the tweets , screen shots can save you tho but ….. Tariq wins again – you know @50cent tried this beef thing before



If your not pro black and black which is logical , then your confusion is just as harmful as a hotep niggers you state ,tommy a quote coined by Tariq nasheed – grow up big brothers little brother are watching and your failing then