The L Word !


we love hard , tis the season , the essence of black love , we may joke about the ceremonial valentines days rituals , but we partake in them whole heartedly , we love this love shit , a natural high a natural drug , damn it feels good no matter who no matter how no matter why . even battered or abused women still love their abuser well after he puts her in the cross face chicken wing for burning the rice , this love shit is strong it defy’s all logic it does not a lick of cucking sense , and did I mention it feels so good !

we cant define love in any book , we cant call it conditional unconditional love , we need to know exactly what it is we mean by love , that deep felt emotion that defies logic or explanation , truth be told my feelings and expression’s of love are not yours , a simple kiss or rub sends me far into the realm of thoughts , as a Taurus im sensual very and I feel emotions from a text to a look I read people , its a gift , but a curse , ignorance provides comfort , its knowing and knowledge that places your eyes and thought to real events and situation

you know you loved when you miss a touch or smell , you know you loved when you cant stop the tears , you know you love when its the lil thing that matter not the Major ones , love is not visible in the sense its sits in the kitchen waiting to be opened and stuffed in the over to intensify its heat , no love is the reason the flowers grow , the planets move the stars shine , the universe expand, love is simple yet hard , there is no balance in love either you do or you don’t

what more can I say personally about a topic that is endless
a topic that has no clue of time , a topic that when you are in love you have no concept of time , you can inly grow old together when you forget your growing old and live every day minute and hour as it was the time you first met or first kissed , we should cherish life , as our friends around us and parents before us pass away , all we are left with is the love they had for us and the love we had for them . its minor to think about stupid issues when everything is all said and done , when love has to part it is intensly painfull , I cherish my loved moments and embrace al the love I know , and im not bound by keeping this love I know to myself I wanna share it , love everybody event those who cannot feel the way I feel or you who reads this and has felt love before ==== step in to another point of view as I never believe my views are the only ones to adhere to -peace and love thanks for reading -and love like you should not like you could !


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