Are Black men The Enemy ?

                            I Am not excusing it but I may possibly see it from the perspective of these men because I lived thru what their frustration comes from I have been in those shoes, not entirely but during those times when the vile Hatred for you is spoken from the women who look like you raised you or even consider themselves your mate. Is it true that black women Not all but a lot of them see Black men as a stain or scarlet letter. I ask Constantly what every women’s definition of a man is —— of course you know I rarely get the same answer. I’m reminded of the twitter trolls and youtube commenters they attack me just not as much as they attack other more outspoken advocates for change in the relationship structure of the black community . what else to do but show you the wrong of your ways if we are constantly reminded of how much “we aint shit” or are the poster children for “Child Support” !……
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