Relationship support

We who idolize relationships should know the key to keeping one is to think about your mate, the world works in your relation when its all your world encompasses . i know for a fact i don’t want my next long-term relationship to be full  of selfish intentions, deeds , or needs . I am inclined to believe i know better , needless to say i know i shall make mistakes possibly the same as before or entirely new ones. what i need to get across is that we as people have become to selfish to maintain relationships or family , we believe successful relationships are in success, that as wrong a good relationship is humble, a good relationship is selflessness , a good relationship is  sacrifice , but a good relationship has a good start.

love is not at first sight , love is not in a flash , love is developed cultivated and grown like a Bristle-cone pine tree ,( look it up ) , what i can say about love is, its euphoric. When your in it you don’t know at first but it is the feeling you get when nothing else matters, no decision is made outside of your mates, you cant live without that person or people. How easy does that fall out, and how bad it gets . love is true even till the bitter end as i was told at the bitter end.

so what do we do ? what can we do ?  how do we legitimize love in a relationship ? or a relationship of love ? we don’t we compromise and support . and let the cards fall where they may . The best advice i can give is, if you fail yourself in a relationship –

you fail the relationship. 



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