How Do You Hide a Military training facility in plain sight ? ask China and its Aircraft-Carrier On a Lake

aircrafts 1

built from concrete , engineered to be a building that looks like

an aircraft carrier from the air , the perfect practice for fighter pilots and spy equipment as well as radar , the military possibilities are endless , especially since it’s modeled after a united states carrier ( super power )

aircarfts 5

you know the Japanese had image’s like these prior to pearl harbor ?

Google earth satellite imagery has taken many images , and i’m sure american spy satellites watch this structure being built,

aircraft 3

satire websites claim it floated there , funny , a possible idea but not like , the cover story is that its a tourist attraction, and a good cover story it is ,  –

unfortunately the structure has met its timely demise, its purpose served not to mention china has acquired, and has in operation its own aircraft carrier purchased from Russia. at a cost of 120 million yuan to build, small in a military budget for a country the data collected and the skill received is why countries beat their war chest ,

aircrafts 2

i guess at night they had one hell of a party ,



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