I just Cant do it any longer !

                  I tip my hat for those who can i know like myself people are at work when tuned into broadcast, and that’s respectable, some of us even have time to participate. i had a full week of radio http://www.wpbradio.com in the am from 8 to 11 on Mondays , then my show MindfoodMonday on http://www.indydyasty.com then Kundalini rising on New Blac order on blog talk radio ,my Tuesdays use to be 9 to 4 am Tommy , Wednesday Tariq radio for that game or calls , also there’s wake the hell up Wednesdays  on dynasty network on blog talk radio , Thursday i’m back on for the beehive and interviewing everybody or having a topic conversation Friday another Tommy episode same time slot , but Saturday was my day of learning dr Welsing Dr Anderson Dr Clarke Dr Ben , and many more even sa-neter tv on youtube which is a daily thing . Sunday is Tariq live funny ass hell ,real as hell and worth watching or listening to , I’ve adjusted my attention and i’m coming back to radio asap, but i just cant take Tommy Sotomayor anymore I’ve seen him hurt way to many people as he climbs on them to his personal fame , i don’t like manipulation 

this is manipulation 




but this is what was said



last nights show was possibly even worse but

i was elsewhere

dropping knowledge

as does all who participate

but it is what it is 






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