DR Francis Crest Welsing is not A target for your sympathy , Tommy Sotomayor

                       none of your scared followers will challenge you ,non will say your hate for pro blacks has grown only because your love for appeasing white supremacy ideology, you keep stretching for Tariq Nasheed to address the Jews in the slave trade, there is no need to, the nation of Islam has done a great job as well as real history books. now i was pry enough to see a video from one of your loyal supporters telling you exactly how you embarrassed her live on air , when Mimi explained her date live on air and how good it was until she mentioned you to her date, and he went on about how you hate women and should chill, i knew the propaganda your spewing is not entirely healthy for our community , I’ve had the privilege of being on talk real solutions the first time i listened they cheered for beating the law suit you filed , the next good show was when a contributor of yours called in to explain why you gave him back $200 tried to say he stole it and loss that , so to me your track record of lies was building , then the shots at Tariq, nobody mentioned the fact that you do Sunday shows and as a host that’s a shot ,doing a show on my time slot which has been for quite some times that’s offensive and you know it. any host knows it.with that said your victim mentality is stronger then the force , you started a problem and you want sypmapathy from your follows to feel good , let me tell you about depression and needing confirmation by others , its a cancer that can spread and kill in so many ways self confirmation is the best healing , either way your wrong and your a sucker for using Dr Welsing to get at your advisory smfh. i hope you keep getting exposed for your love of white supremacy ideology 

thank you Jason Black


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