Why tommy lost the roast

Well I have to say tommy lost for several reasons number 1 being the @ to Tariq after the roast of the revolutionary wit tattoos. Most men can state that they defended or gave tommy the being it of the doubt but after eric garner and Ranisha Mcbride you had to have doubts , why do we find every single flaw in ourselves but not the oppressive dynamic thag created whom we are ? , yes we are a creation . I want to break it down exactly why tommy lost and actually asked for this verbal assault on his character , but it’s also the reason I will distance myself from him as much as possible .there is a blog set on private right now of a conversation I had with a black female the dialog was impressive until I mentioned Tommy’s name , I never posted this blog but I kept it . Long start short as I sat and heard tommy take shots at Tariq I wondered why , but this whole episode explained it and the mentality if elder black men , I’m young so my observation is key to me helping the next generation . Now some readers may remember Tommy’s first Sunday broadcast ! If you do then you understand that’s is when Tariq does his live broadcast , to me as a radio host who knows other host that’s shots fired and an attempt to steal an audience you know is listening to your show and others according to schedule . To me that was the first shot fired . The next to memes when hidden colors dropped forget tenjew question during a love broadcast tommy insinuated that Tariq was lip smacking to much and carmax pimped hard . Second shot – but if you noticed Tariq ignored it and stood by tommy curving the questions of adding him to the coin train . Yea he did that love in air , he also curved a sister and asked her not to even discuss the different platforms on his , I respected the curve and ignoring of everybody who wanted to stimulate this beef . But tommy had to go far , first the negros bootlegging vid then the vid I his studio mention the reaching out, but when he dropped that ether , he asked for war – JOKES , as they may call it – and he for exactly that – now #mikebrown is a hot topic , and I think Tariq was right for jumping into the conversation in an off day to address racism white supremacy , but see the ether video was out and circulating and people were jn the ustream askin Tariq to address tommy as always in a Tariq ustream – he ignores the whole thing for weeks – so his roast o tommy was justified because of the cheap shots he never replied to , as for tommy I. My twitter mentions mad as to why I said tariq won -!


I had to unfollow this dude case he is extra sensitive and emotional and that can’t fly if you speak to lead or guide people away from lames . …….,,,,


Owe and when the ask if you lied , I believed the tweets , screen shots can save you tho but ….. Tariq wins again – you know @50cent tried this beef thing before



If your not pro black and black which is logical , then your confusion is just as harmful as a hotep niggers you state ,tommy a quote coined by Tariq nasheed – grow up big brothers little brother are watching and your failing then


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