Master of the Craft , @Just_Amaris ,Amaris Graham

Master of the Craft ,  @Just_Amaris ,Amaris Graham

who better to highlight then someone who is in the craft of Radio personality, it was Amaris and Glenn of that really got me focused on what i as doing as a broadcaster. Now that i’m in a more better position and rising in more then just a one field i have to thank those kind words.
so here is my thank you ,
y’all gotta catch Amaris on social media, best tweets and Fb post y can imagine and its all relevant , i for one like to listen to her interviews she has the game down. Research that which i have lacked on is important to interviewing artist and celebrities ( remember this if you want to go that route ). A person ho has more restrictions then me as a broadcaster is doing her thang
so I Salute @Just_amaris for the grind and shout out her team at @WpbRadio for scoping her up
Frank johnson would be wise to keep her around


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