The making fun of Sarah Sartjie Baartman , And the Black mans Attraction to Voluptuous woman

Jason Black said it so eloquently in his latest video , Black men stop worrying about the media & build your own. this was the sequel to his other video , Black men Not making their own media and it was powerful. To be honest i find it rewarding to have a wide variety of Black male speakers utilizing all media circuits to deliver a message, the message is clear ACCOUNTABILITY.
i posted this video because it was funny to me until the last scene depicted, The Essence of Sarah Baartman and the Black man are being made into a joke for the World to Engage in even those not aware of its History. after this you should take your time to embrace the Sarah Baartman story and see the history behind the dress i believe Camron Diaz is wearing in hat scene. use your mind not your eyes its what maters in this situation.
It really is time to counter this media, Let the Games Begin


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