Black men Lets Lead By Example , no matter the example the Pre-Jason Blu Griffith Story

Here is a man i respect, and i have no choice to as i grew up along side this man for almost 10 years, i have insight and experience in the field of relationships, this article or blog i hope reaches Jay in good spirits and a humbled heart , I’ve been to jail i know the feeling of being alone when you really need comfort, jail teaches you to think for self and self preserve. this story caught me off guard , how would you feel if you seen your friend on Cnn one morning charged with murder , and the murder was almost incomprehensible to me and what i know and have learned from Jason. before i knew of a Tariq Nasheed i took tips from Jason and my uncle i learned the game of women at that time from them , they were 5 years my elder so i always had the gift of pulling older woman because they taught me tips, tricks, and how to manage properly these women. this ( excuse my French ) shit caught me off guard. the more i read the story the more i seen every last relationsgip fight i have had and i have seen , not saying ima strangle a woman, i prefer to just find another woman, but this told me emotions were involved , something was different, you talking about a man who had no issue getting sex , a man whom had 2 woman at once that knew of each other, this man taught me the ideals of polygamy , those woman taught me the idea of Tommy Sotomayor long before he was famous for it. now im waiting for all those who spewed hatred for jason after the alleged murder took place on message boards and articles , most of them can be excluded as you can tell they knew nothing of jason or debbie for that mater, debbie had a past a very violent one, this does not mean she deserved death a the hands of anybody, what she deserved was a life of lonelyness and this is my inspiration for this post , IF YOU HAVE TO HIT HER QUIT HER , POINT BLANK. now i have noticed that the media and internet sites have removed the video of Debbie flores admitting to slaying not one but all 4 of the tires on the car of Jason Blu Griffith, if you read you’ll notice that the courts have struck down the evidence of Debbie Flores past relationship violence on her accord. i am fully aware of the friends of Debbie who may stumble across this post and leave comments. but you only know a perception and that is your own like i have my own , and i’m playing devils advocate here in order to bring the attention to the #walkaway campaign this incident could have been prevented had Jason not used the brains below. so i blame Him for this , we are Men honestly curve these obsessive chicks they are not healthy good women will tell you this. the fact that you need to put your hands on a woman means you lost control or never really had it, its not worth it the system. the domestic violence in our community is serious, and its hidden and not taken care of, we need to police ourselves , work on each other men teach boys to be men and woman teach girls to be woman. this Black-man is your fault as a collective we have failed to teach our sons and they will forget you soon and you will need them


2 thoughts on “Black men Lets Lead By Example , no matter the example the Pre-Jason Blu Griffith Story”

  1. As we both grew up with this individual I aggree with everything you said here no one deserves death. And he could have walked away. However there is more to the story which I cannot discuss here indicating he sought help several times and was denied. And that she would not give up. Ot take a hint that the relationship was over. At a later time I can discuss this wirh you as the trial progresses (Vdubboogie)

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