The “Screen Shot” , The best invention ever !

Before the screen shot it was about he said she said.  I have grown to love the screen shot because people like to delete their posts after they realize the mistake in judgement they made.  With that being said I  hope those who read this understand exactly why I take screen shots. The discussions had on Facebook or Twitter can become outrageous and reminding people of their actions is the best way to end the argument; or just let the observers see and witness the event first hand.


I’ve given up on talking about Scandal unless asked. I  don’t watch the show; I won’t watch the show, and equating it to supporting is your very own interpretation. However, if I must respond or point out a few things I will. She screams her sexual liberation theology (black woman can fuck anybody she pleases), all people can be promiscuous and can choose to be with whomever they want, but why make this a pissing contest ? Is it lady like to assert that you can do exactly what a man does without consequence? Now lets be clear this is a pro Black Feminist sister making these statements , and it gets worse from here since my discussion was about Kola Buff and her misandry and hatred for Black America. I did that blog already so no need to go back and tell that story ; screen shots have handled that problem.


After telling me about a television show that is supposed fictions and entertainment so eloquent and passionate ; which I already understand the story line, she went after me for my disposition on this Kola Lady. My stance is Kola Buff is an enemy to African Americans as they are called today. If you don’t believe me just look her up (Twitter YouTube) hiding under the title of Black feminist or womanist.  This woman loves to place white men and white supremacy ideology on a perch and has a track record. Now we will see how at first this discussion is one sided and it seems like I’m attacking a woman’s views and position. However,  I am not; I made a statement about a post where I simply utilized my rights and the right to use my brain for my own thoughts and perceptions. If you choose to engage in the conversation be responsible and ready to listen and then reply.  Seems feminist ideology prohibits men from actually making statements because that ideology thinks that all men are IDIOTS and can’t be trusted to do anything on behalf of women , or his perception of women.


Very common deflections and insults which I’m use to it and i see it clearly.  There’s something about people writing and me being able to instinctively feel their attitude. I guess its the perks of being a Taurus, so she deflected my response to make a blanket statement.


Clearly she understands it all and when scholars are verified other scholars (peers) critique the works.  I’m in radio, people have critiqued my work and I have improved. That question, I mean you can tell its an attack; trying to belittle me because apparently I’m not in a major production company working on films and television shows. As you see in my statement Kola Buff is the problem. I’ll say it again, she is not for a community of unified Black Americans. She wants gender supremacy over Black men only and since she can’t get it. Instead she resorts to what she does; attacking black women comes just as easy to her. I’m saying check her track record before she blocks you from Twitter, or you have to block her. IMG_1040

So you see I was peaceful even after the disrespectful tone, and she went for the children and them reading Kola Buff books.  Personally, reading any perspective is fine by me as long as you still resort to using your own mind to live your own life .

Here is how you pinch a feminist nose; chess moves  and counter protocol. She asked what if my child read a Kola Buff book.  As I said its perspective and equated it to a Tariq Nasheed book; perspective from an individual person no more no less.  These things are simple when they happen; just have fun and be factual, have your information correct and present yourself with confidence in your information.


Again, I stand by my statement that Kola is an enemy to Black culture here in America; check her track record.  The idea that she can’t hate black men because she is a black woman is hilarious to me. That idea is crazy because they say Tommy Sotomayor hates black women; well hey they talk about him like I would talk about Kola , so maybe I’ll stop acknowledging Kola Boof if these feminist stay out of my mentions with the hatred for men and the hatred for black unified relations that are equality based.



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