The attacks on @SharazadAli are –


If you don’t know who Sharazad Ali just check this video out:  Shahrazad Ali • Black Man and Woman Relationships (Full Lecture) – YouTube


Every Monday from 11- 1 pm est I’m live for questions on MindFoodMonday 858-777-8457

i tweeted this same thing out ,


Black men can’t tell Black women to do anything ; women see what some men are attracted to and emulate that .

Again no accountability really comes from as of late,


How much more evidence do we need to prove natural remedies daily is the best prevention you can do for yourself ?

I’ve posted several blogs on this already .


She attempted to belittle me; a tactic used by many , and as you can see a screen shot is golden in proving this point.  She found her way into my mentions either for a debate or to tell me what I should and should not do. Yes feminists I challenge your gender superiority like i challenge it in the church .


This one was easy to prove. I wonder how it can be explained away ?





You be the judge and tell me what you get from these screen shots ?

Some days you just have to ask yourself these questions.

But I won’t get a real answer nor will you.



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