Beware of Trolls!

Can you fight the white man while being in the white man’s army? Learning all that white man training? All these white man anthems?  Pro black my ass! Just another Ba-ba-black Sheep trying to gather a flock.  All of that hate for little white kids getting shot at Sandy Hook School because you don’t like that they would grow up and supposedly have a better life than you?  Wtf?  I feel sorry for you because you will never feel as much love as I get from the world.  Stop blaming white people for your insecurities. Grow up. It’s childish. Real men accept what’s on their plate and move on; not complain about injustice. I hope the white man forgives you for your ways lol. And I hope open minded blacks don’t turn their cheek on you are getting chased by actual racists that read what you preach (because its all talk) or when that cop is beating your ass. Wait you probably turn into a coward in their face. Me I’ve stood up for myself while you join in and tap dance. Go ahead and do what Geno does best when he can’t face the truth.
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  • Tim Wise just wrote a great diary on right wing racism. As usual, though, in the… comments some folks started claiming that white folks could be the victims of “racism” too. Even though I thought, …See More
  • La Rhonda Rochelle Moore @fattkidd you said I hope the white man forgives him for his ways.. You have cause me to laugh for 20 mins on that alone…. You have got to be kidding me, if that isn’t some Uncle Ruckus foolishness, by the way I was the first one happy Geno banned you from the group… I even thanked him… I toasted the joyous occasion.. LMBODUECES!!!

Fatt Kidd changed his profile picture.


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