Should the Majority of Black Men Check Dependent ?

I had to share this post with the readers of my blog. As I read it to someone they actually admitted as did I to more then a few characteristics . I have been on a quest privately to shed my mental dependency from the people close to me so this was the perfect post at the perfect time. I live for clarification and this just provided a bit of closure.


Why are black men so “personality dependent?” It’s a pervasive social disorder throughout the black community, yet we do not discuss it. Do we acknowledge it? And to give you an example of this disorder, its like Scottie Pippen not preforming at a high level, as he usually does, when he plays with Michael Jordan. Or Kanye West seeking affirmation from Jay Z (you remember the song my big brother), and they are the manifest of the typical social behaviors in black communities. Here is the definition for Personality Dependency Disorder:

Dependent personality disorder is characterized by a long-standing need for the person to be taken care of and a fear of being abandoned or separated from important individuals in his or her life. This leads the person to engage in dependent and submissive behaviors that are designed to elicit care-giving behaviors in others. The dependent behavior may be see as being “clingy” or “clinging on” to others, because the person fears they can’t live their lives without the help of others


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