The Killing of the Mental Illness of Believing in White Supremacy !

I keep Hearing the re-enforcement of this resonant frequency of White Supremacy

Granted Westernized Culture has been Dominant on the Globe for the last 5’000 years of human history its time has come all civilizations fall, its a condition of humanity and other species to rise and fall increase and decrease , Natural order of things. no need to believe in population control with Natural disasters let alone human mistakes. Historical aspects have been Written by historians who were westernized in concept, a society was formed on a caste system with the former slave supposedly at the Bottom. People have become comfortable with the Ideas that Oppression does not exist because they have not face it in there struggle, so therefore any complaint towards it or acknowledgement would mean that their beliefs are flawed and this country is accepting of a practiced we condemn other nations for.

Well, Twitter will be twitter and I keep my twitter balanced with information , jokes , and common twitter responses. Its the responses that usually get things going – I respond to conservative radio host and speakers, only to watch them go from one position to slanderous language and illogical replies, it always happens.  never fails and this was no different.

Days ago I dealt with a Neal Bortz post, I posted a simple question you can see it here in the image


I wont even go into that full-fledged discussion, I was joined by another Brother and actually both accounts have now Blocked me or have gone Protected, not once did relevant information get answered or even the question posed, it was “Your Black” so you can’t think Logical about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, As if I haven’t suffered Racial profiling , uncomfortable situation where White people see me as suspicious , as if Arab merchants and Asian restaurant owners don’t characterize me as the lowest form of society before I even Speak, My Appearance in America warrants me to be checked out, My skins denies me that entitlement to accept society and disappear into it without being noticed.

So Again @TalkMAster I ask How can you Comprehend the #IamTrayVonMartin Slogan again ?

I don’t expect his reply , just like I didn’t expect Bill Oreily to reply to a statement I made Regarding Dr Michael Eric Dyson . but of Course twitter Trolls as they are called r just Conservatives who think because they take a daily dose of talk radio and fox news that they have the spill on Blacks and American society, this whole “get over it” attitude they feel I and others should accept. I asked several times and even posted the Oscar grant video and attempted to get an answer as to the dynamics of race in America. Those who prefer a simple negro response fall under pressure every time they step into my feed . I have over 50,000 tweets so I know exactly how to utilize my twitter to make my points for all my followers to see and or go back to if need be.


as you can see the typical response go from an attempt to belittle An African-American Dr with more credentials than most to arrogantly calling me Names or comparing me to Somebody I do Not Support Al Sharpton ( that’s another story ).  what could I have said to get this response, simple here you go

IMG_0194 IMG_0195 IMG_0196


White should I believe in white Supremacy when I know that once I prove my worth in their system and can continue to live in my own they have no choice but to get angry and walk away, I wont tolerate Latent or Blatant disregard for Black men who have Acquired merit and pose a threat to this societies typical Idea of Normality or standards. Bill Oreily could never stand up to the Information or Articulation of Dr Michael Eric Dyson . Mr Oreily has a team of people feeding him information he does not go get this himself , and sitting on some chair discussing topics you will not personally see for yourself of go get dirty to bring the real story about is Okay for the Comfort of the Illusion of White Supremacy. there are a select few people in real control and power , they love to Manipulate people into their own Agenda ,don’t fall for the left hook after dodging the right Jab so well



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