Self-Less or Self-ish which is better on the Mind

 Mental stability depends on how you see yourself !

The Mirror image. the reflection the people around you the same reflection. Some of us are indeed truly selfless in all actions, the tendency for selfish people is usually fueled by acceptance of the people around them, people do what you let them to do, or give them reason for . The Universe always adjust itself to fix any unbalanced part of itself. The Universe is selfish , it must be , we are a reflection of it from the smallest atom to the way our mind and thoughts work , your words from years ago are still resonating .

I can be honest enough to say to myself that both have given me relief. when I was selfish I was content , but when I was selfless , I internally felt the rewards of it. I could recommend selflessness to you but your situation may require the total opposite. You Personally have to look into your stance and surrounding. what will empower your mental stability , the body does not function without the mind. The Question ? are you destroying yourself being selfless ? are you destroying your surroundings being selfish ? you have to decide

Now we can choose not acknowledge people in general and leave most things to never experience them or have to make that choice. Statistics and numbers can’t determine your personal feelings of Self , its personal and it changes often , daily, frequently ,annually, its called Growth ,

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