@jusJoose da truth ! i got da Proof ! w/ @VDubBoogie on @Indydynasty


This Interview went Down Smooth , @Indydynasty Promoted another great artist on the rise and we still wish him the best of success , so here is the extra Promotion, @JusJoose I mosdef give this Brother his Real Card , But I have the Tweets to prove it ,


Aww, Man you know it had to go there after this interview , that which I think you should check out , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6164KhMX3YU I would Promote the Future song but to be honest this incident has me Protecting myself from Lawyers and Copyright issues until I have Permission from all or most Parties. But Man this Dude was either an Industry troll or serious about this song, you have to have been in the game or close to it to understand this whole incident, but never bit off more than you can Chew.  I Give @JusJoose his Hood Points his credibility in this Game and in the Streets which he comes from. He Responded !


       My Head was Down when I seen this Transaction , and it only happened because I never logged off the radio show before bed ( universal Law ) . so I interjected – I don’t have my Words


Protect your interest, this is why you cant find the future track at the moment associated with my accounts but you can find it as you will see. this is not about me but about @JusJoose.


Og , Triple Og , Triple Og , Triple

@JusJoose must have the Joose he speaks of 1 , because he got that track with future and another because this was the response !


This track must be worth the controversy that came after I guess its worth a listen if its worth an exchange like this one at 8;45 am





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