Say No More ………

My Brothers I great you in all peace and humbleness, we have a Problem. This problem is our community, our community lacks Men and at this point if we don’t Reverse the Process of Weak men, or Men  who Fear retribution for speaking up and speaking the Truth then we can never progress.

Say no more ! and I mean that, some of us choose to actually try to explain our issues verbally, passively to hopefully have a dialog as to the issues, or matters at hand. If your like me Men then you Have Hit a wall A wall of no responsibility. when you reach this Wall , Brother to Brother – do not attempt to Break it or Climb it , Say no More and walk away.

Sometimes what is beyond the wall is more Disturbing this is why the wall was Built. you never appreciate where you stand until you stand somewhere else. Beyond that wall is Somewhere else. Accountability is a Process we as men know well, we tend to take responsibility for a lot, even when we may have just causes for our Reaction to an Action, ( women Never Accept this Argument , if you haven’t learned you will soon enough ) There is no justification if when you begin to explain your emotions and your met instantly with a response before you even finish your initial statement. Men , Brother to Brother Do not Accept this Just ! Say No More ….

we Have to start setting the Example of Toleration what we accept will continue until we either 1, lose control or 2, leave . Number 2 can be explained in 2 ways Leaving Mentally and Physically , either way your Gone. Mentally is the one I do not recommend as Physically can encompass all anyway. if you stay in the situation you begin to develop a dual personality, this is a problem in a society where Bi-Polar disorder is being Diagnosed frequently. We Break our own Minds, By accepting a situation that we know not to be true, ( the Matrix Effect ), this Message can be taken in By women, but the truth is Men Say no more!

Forget Arguing as it leads to High blood pressure and usually your diet is not sufficient enough to  coup with the stresses of it. Drinking causes emotions because Hobbs contain high levels of Estrogen so steer clear of women and emotions at that point. but most of all when you begin to explain yourself and you find yourself at fault when you were trying to resolve, or explain a situation is unhealthy Don’t Do it and Say no more . Brother to Brother this message will save your life. they say find your Me time if you can I recommend it. I haven’t had it myself but I did time I think I’ve had enough me time for this life time for now, who knows what the future I holds I just know I will Say No More….

At times it will be tuff to explain , but remember the explanation is in your Actions or Lack there of. so remember My Brothers being Reactionary is Not worth your life. you have 2 places to go early if you maintain the course of reaction , Death or Jail . you are no better than a drug dealer people speak so badly of, your options are the same. Say No More —— Save  your life

And just to be a little bit rude to the women who may be reading – women outnumber men , at least 2 to 1  in certain places double even triple that figure don’t let One kill you when Nature provide you with so many other options



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