#MindFoodMonday caught up with @NotABabyDaddy for a brief chat

most of twitter , or those who were privileged to have thee antics of @NotAbabyDady scrolling down their time line, was wondering where did the Legend go. For a man who said things like , ” he never got morning head ” or that his sex life was’ lil to nill ” I have to admit after scrolling or trolling the response he would receive, I still don’t believe it – in-fact after this interview I witness him say a rather smooth comment to @JaniceJnice about relationships lasting longer when people meet online . Michigan has raised another Pimp – but this Brother is on to a new challenge
The founder of StopTheCoonery.com he has done a complete 180, he is now on a journey of upliftment. didn’t take long before he realized either, this is a different battle field. The Hate that comes your way when truth is what you speak is all to common among people dishing out the truth

well heres a part of the dialog the full interview can be found on http://www.indydynasty.com
or on blogtalkradio/indydynastyradio


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