NI***r Bi**H

NI***r Bi**H    <~~~~~~ the link to the story !

Well after scandal I don’t expect this story to get any real anger from women , I don’t expect the feminist to come out , nor the people talked about daily. you wont see al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson . to be honest im surprised this story even made it out, you would think the main readers would have chucked it like- naa its a lie , a ploy for attention . But reality strikes this is a real story a real account from a real married black women.

is this what you want ? do you not want to be you? afraid of your pure essence. I swear it is more important then your mask black women, but I am getting distracted. if this article , the cheerios commercial,l and sandal don’t leave the taste of rust in your mouth then you crave to be with a white man yet hate interracial dating , Confusing ? yes this is just how things go .

so tell me if you married a white man could you deal with him calling you nigger bitch in bed ‘

and saying he paid for your freedom ?

or is he right , has he told the truth and you should just accept it ? comments below

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