Dont fall for what you think is the truth it’s not as you think it is

wht girl fixed

I laugh when black women say we can have any women of any nationality we want , when the truth is we can have the lower for of any women of any nationality we want that is nothing to be praised or cherished , she cant or is not accepted by her own and will be accepted by a weak brother or brother who is just fed up with sisters all together. I cant blame either of them. but ladies does this really constitute something of value something to be used as an argument when I can show you stories like my last post where the women does not want, but she is called nigger bitch while being ” loved by her husband ” is negated by the fact that she gets to travel the world and live a life Hoodrats can only dream of . gotta love the satire. but personally I can tell you that it is not easy to date women of other races , we are sex objects seriously and used as such by other women of other nationalities , ask around or you have already thought about ladies . black men are top of the line no denying it. but we cannot win other women with our looks or jokes we actually use or character or have value , thou looked at we are not know to be a support system for women , a survival mechanism carried over from the animal kingdom, Love is a croc of shit , blk women ill be honest these white women only have access to black men because you give it to them or encourage it IMG_3574 you cant be serious either . this is the Joke , you women think this is even funny more tru and I can actually prove its worth as well




the  best thing I can do is point some of you to this youtube video its a very deep and passionate example of acceptance and responsibility the step is on you now black women , to continue the productive dialog



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