Chastise me all you want , im not Standing Down !

Why Do men like me choose to aim some of our frustrations towards The Black woman ?


that depends on who you talk to and their experience, me personally I have been randomly attacked but angry black women. I could understand if I was the dead beat father , or even if I slept with you and never called again, then your anger towards me would be somewhat justified. Trolling Men ? now that’s taking it to a whole other  level of Hatred , primarily self-hatred. The Frustration felt by Black Women I can understand as a group, but don’t expect me to understand your personal position. So why do Random Chick / Girls feel the need to enter into my twitter feed ? I am guessing to ingest the truth. the best thing a man can do is use logic in that instance , up until they cross  line then you bring out the guns . well I had to bring out the guns ,an unjust attack from a self hating , man hating, single mother who was raised with-out a father more than likely jumped in on me. and tried to read me s the typical Black man. I would have remained silent but I didn’t fit the description so I shot back . not knowing that this troll of a female had a fixation with attacking black men I engaged her. well I have the results that actually happened twice.


yea so back when i had Instagram ( long story ), some how when lil miss sunshine lost a few pounds, she felt the need to target me again. I was nice the last time, I didn’t curse I just made her look really bad for trolling me on twitter. ill get to that later. she found it her duty to remind me of why I choose to focus primarily on relationships. This chick was crazy I proved that long time ago. But of course like a child instead of reveal her true intent she played a game, meant for a child

IMG_3531Now this Part had me rolling , I mean who would Defend you ? surely not the man who impregnated you and left . now as you Know if you Block someone. you really can’t respond to them or them you, and I was wondering how this chick made it to my follow list. I mean you can see that I was the 3rd person on her list. so I thought this had to be recent and I was skeptical about accepting request 1 because my page was open and 2 because of alil beef with this dude who loves a number just one number though (smh). im like did this chick really use a  new account blank face to get me to add her then upload a few pictures and start on her attack ? naa women aint that crazy I thought ?


I was wrong , this lost soul threw up 10 photos in like 3 days , and thought that a person who had 8,000 plus instagram photos couldn’t figure that out real quick , plus im VdubBoogie I pay attention and think. this was a owe you got me moment with the attempt to sully my name . so I engaged in real battle either you play to win or don’t play at all .

IMG_3524  IMG_3507IMG_3506IMG_3508IMG_3512

see simply put , its easy to bring the devil out , and this is one of the reason I will side with TjSotomayor I know these Beasties , the worst kind of women in the community I see them daily , they can’t stand my logic because I wont accept their ignorance , the same can be said for this one until I lost my cool , used the Term Bitch rather well and used my new-found picture app to start the tear down …


can you explain how losing weight makes you look worse. I promise you good people,i was on chill but she attacked my people’s as well


this one had issues , bi polar as I shall prove in a minute , you know evidence is 9/10ths of the law right, bare with me as I plead my case.

IMG_1846 IMG_1845 IMG_1844

so you haven’t had sex in 8 years ? and you’re a Male hater ? raising a son ?

So what’s this Hoe ?


Male Hater , this is why I aint have sex in 8 years ,

im tempted to drop a tommy video , but I wont I got this


once enough is enough you just take it there , so I just associated her with the closest thing I could find to match her and this was the first thing that came to mind

IMG_3504 IMG_3503  IMG_3501 IMG_3500

Yea I violated in the End ,

she deleted her twitter and instagram ,

I told her she would get this blog , I am a man of my word and now this blog is here and like the others I will not take it down it is what it is the tweets and post are out there in cyber space so ill live up to what ive done and said and why , and if I can resolve matters diplomatically then war shall be fought on all fronts .

hit my youtube page up 3rdworldparty


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