To Strong For your Own Good ?

Can this be the truth ?
I don’t know what I do know is that as what some would call an example of a black man , when I try to provide a male perspective to Black women there is this wall of strength against me, this is the effective of LynchSyndrome a society has given you a chance to not need nor want your completion , the rash of what we call Studz has risen to the leve; of a group with support of 27,000+ people , the Black man has been excluded from the home leaving boys to be raised by women who may or may not have resentment , we find 2 women house holds because tho obvious solution to the gap of disparity between black men and black women is almost as apparent between the black community and the rest of the nation , economically we are enemies to each other . in the practice of western society we have failed relation wise this may be due in part to us Conforming to a Standard that was never really our standard , to a culture that was never our culture , we have given way to far to many of the stigmas and chastised our own way of life, that which we were taken from .


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