@RaspyRawls on @IndyDynasty with @VdubBoogie

#MindFoodMonday was Blessed not only with an Abundance of listeners but with the Brother Raspy Rawls. I would say an up and coming artist, But in All actuality this is the elevation of Hip hop , the Foundation of Independence. Freedom and Truth wrapped up in charismatic Bars delivered by a voice you will not soon forget. as with everything I do , I found a piece of information and went searching I found 3 mixtapes and a webpage that instantly started playing music, this would have been great if I was not on a bus headed back to New York.

DatPiff- http://www.datpiff.com/Raspy-Rawls-Politics-mixtape.404983.html

I have to admit I like Music that makes me think keeps me grounded , and focused on what the message is , live right live healthy be humble don’t stop for nobody or you will suffer regret keep your spirituality. #MindFoodMonday is most def the Black sheep of Indydynasty I stretch the thought process or try my best to bring attention to situations being spoken of by the community , by the government , and possibly people you have never heard off. Raspy Rawls was a Good Interview for the show we spoke on Food , Music , Humility im urging people to check the archived episode because the full interview is interesting , a little shaking on the audio but that’s being fixed as you read or will have read long after the glitch has been fixed _http://www.blogtalkradio.com/indydynastyradio/2013/06/10/mind-food-mondays-with-vdubboogie




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