Protecting your Daughters ! FATHERS !

I’m going to speak from experience on this one; experience and observation. So if it seems harsh at times self-reflection before an emotional response is best.

Is it wrong to deny my child the misguided vanity older women indulge in under the pretense of drawing in a mans attention? The visual of a face made into an illusion, and not the sophistication or intellect of her presence.

If I stand wrong, wrong I stand, but by observation the same tactics employed by whores are used by those who consider themselves women for the same purpose. Both have made up faces; both alone. The reality is, men will chase the illusion to conquer it and test his natural ability. However, he will cling to reality because that’s where his legacy will last.

It is no offense to the mothers of today; that of which we were attracted to and inevitably laid with and created a seed. If that seed be a girl then my fathers ask yourself something. What attracted you to her mother or other women? Do you want that life for your child; that attention?  We can either set the bar for our daughters or lower it by the actions we partake in. If you hold true  values or hold true ideals, then be sure to make sure you inject that principle into your daughter. In all actuality the goal is to have your daughter find a man better than and greater than yourself.

A responsible father of a daughter will not allow twerking. Sorry, I don’t care if it’s a new dance.  In fact a responsible father will not allow any provocative dances from his child unless it’s a cultural practice and customary dance. A responsible father stresses the importance of education and responsibility.  A responsible fathers pays attention to the clothing and appearance of his daughter. The signs that she is running towards attention in males are not hard to spot for a responsible father. A responsible father is never pushed out or forced from his daughter’s life. There are circumstances, but a responsible father never gives up.

We as responsible fathers have to begin to put our foot down if that takes, not afraid to criticize black women and  the tactics that have held a restraint on black men as a whole mentally. The castration of the masculinity of the black male population is definitely a real occurrence and the rejection of it has been pushed to the forefront. There’s a collective resonant frequency being tuned in by black men and quite frankly most men at this point (refer to 100 monkeys experiment ) I constantly post the warning that black men are waking up. I personally see other black men becoming more involved in their children’s lives.  We don’t need statistics to tell us to be in our childs lives nor do we need statistics that cast a negative light on our community. The reality is we are just as comfortable as these women who have no issue keeping you from your children, so that she can operate in a system designed to keep her in economical oppression. It’s your fault fathers if you leave your daughter in this situation to possibly duplicate the process over and over again. You my brothers are responsible for leaving your daughters without your influence.

To my single mothers, you actually have the opportunity and  chance to change our community through the teaching of responsibility and fatherhood to your sons. The negative chastisement of men constantly in front of your developing son will not lead him to be a noble and honorable man to another women who may not deserve the fate you cultivate in your son. I do hold women responsible for the rash of men out here repeating their fathers cycle, but you are only 40% of the problem. The fathers, or lack there of are responsible. The community as well is responsible. It’s now become the duty of fathers to raise the kids of other men whom have abandoned their responsibility. Lets not neglect them in the hopes that our energy and understanding can be passed over to the next generation and the cycle broken or cracking in several places. Leaders are everywhere, stop looking for a Christ . YOU Black FATHER, YOU FATHER of a daughter are responsible for everything. Once you dropped the ball all was LOST.




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