@VdubBoogie on #theBEEHIVE with @JusJoose and the after effects

Personally I’m a new fan; but professionally I had an interview to do for The Beehive which was not in the hands of @VdubBoogie for a night. I don’t usually dive into a wide variety of hip hop being that I am the conscious host. I don’t listen to or watch most of anything; the information I need is seen down my timeline daily.  I’m literally watching the green coded letters that you witnessed in the Matrix. This is the Matrix , so if an artist strikes me I have to represent. I can live without todays music, and then again I can’t. I have 1,000+ songs in my iPhone most of which are independent artists. I refuse to delete, upload or fix my apps and I’m just adding @JusJoose so you can forget that changing at the moment.

I’m informed, and I know how to utilize the tools at hand. It’s 2013 and to not use the services at hand would be stupid. This was not #MindFoodMonday it was The BeeHive, basically one of the top shows on the station. I am a researcher so I had to see what was available online in the name of Jus Joose and I found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdYA5BziSVw


   Shout out to @JusJoose this is an image from his twitter page .

I know the interview went well only because what happened the morning after via twitter was an example of what success brings. If you need the details just scroll @JusJoose timeline you can’t miss the interaction, but I digress, this interview was humbling and rewarding. Not just for me but I believe @JusJoose and his music will be in circulation on @Indydynasty from now on. The full episode which is 60 minutes of passion is right here http://www.blogtalkradio.com/convertplaylist.aspx?PlayListUrl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.blogtalkradio.com%2findydynastyradio%2fplay_list.xml%3fshow_id%3d4773565&OutputType=m3u ( your Default Player )

The mixtape is http://t.co/IMiGrRFvDY ( dat piff ) no need to not download and listen to the full mix tape after the full interview

@JusJoose Salute from me @VdubBoogie and the @Indydynasty team


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