Addictive Personality !

Can science shed light on addiction or what some feel is an addictive personality? Probably not because it’s hard to find the exact point in which addiction became a problem. I’ve heard addiction is an escape, a release from reality, that’s possible but Addiction is not always Alcohol , or Drug abuse – addiction is eating – smoking , drinking Listerine , inhaling chemical smells – or eating your boogers, Addiction as the Word is used ,makes it easy for some to negate their Addictions and not even consider it. a problem or negative attribute.

The dynamics are frustrating because I choose not to place judgment on people , but observe  and give my theory on the reason to cause peoples actions. The Practice seems to work well for me, I believe its called reading people, I have a Gift or Curse of reading Emotions. Reading deeper into the phycology I love to find the back story. the back story or history is so crucial to the present and the reflection presented.

So How is Science helping us ? well while your on the train at work at home you my friend are not checking the genetics of say Plants ( Mendel’s law ) you are not studying diabetic mice and non diabetic mice for possible treatments and genetic anomalies between the 2,  im not either but I do keep the Journal of genetics website in my bookmark’s  – and I do frequent the new articles and studies presented, these are sometimes preliminary observations or down right discoveries of specific genes. it was Genetics and Science that presented the History of the Neanderthal in a different light and showed that they still exist Genetically today. its a science not to be feared but taken as a challenge.

Since I am not the Resident Expert on Genetics, I count on the experts to help me observe what I cant see, I  only see thru reality, thru perception,  that which is of my own. my own observation say’s that OCD and addiction go hand and hand or run parallel in the mind.  I could be Wrong , but the joys of having a theory that’s being tested in the public arena is exciting for me.


When scientists look for “addiction genes,” what they are really looking for are biological differences that may make someone more or  less vulnerable to addiction.

It may be harder for people with certain genes to quit once they start. Or they may experience more severe withdrawal symptoms  if they try to quit. Factors that make it harder to become addicted also may be genetic. For example, an individual may feel sick from a drug that makes other people  feel good.

But someone’s genetic makeup will never doom them to inevitably become an addict. Remember, environment makes up a large part of addiction risk.””

That last part really caught my attention today and actually sparked this thought written down for the world to see. id like the people who suffer from addiction actually have a Defense  against the antagonizing self righteous addictive people around them. Apparently to some expressing their displeasure or ( projection ) becomes an outlet for internal frustration, your the punching bag for people who want to sit on a high horse because the mirror image they face in actuality is harder then yours, and in-fact worse if they have been indoctrinated into religion, as most religious people live against their religion.

so next time you see somebody buy , mass amounts of pepsi realize that is an addiction , when they buy Vick’s and they are not sick , that’s addiction , smelling gas , markers , glue , paint , with pleasure that’s addiction, why is it studies have shown chocolate to be addictive do we send those people to rehabilitation or say unhealthy words to them to invoke some change that we think comes from Negative Influence, that is the mind of a child and it will not work in a therapeutic or psychological environment in which you say your intentions are Kind Hearted and progressive. If that be your Intention and method  then silence is golden. do not stir more within the addict. the purpose is to expose them to reality not escape.

can Addiction be treated – Yes , but the Best treatment is support thru recognition, they have 12 step programs and more, the best way to help is to not just tell some body read  the material but implement it practice it understand it live it, if not then your intention is not to help your intentions is to have someone in a lower state then yourself at all times that way your self esteem and need for reflections is negated, take it how you want it

but if you cant help , and you feel the need to chastise I hope you understand you just as likely to have an addiction problem or trait, it just does not consist of what societies may deem illegal dangerous or destructive,

live in peace and righteousness teach and help if not , self reflect and test yourself ,


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