#MindFoodMonday EP5 Uplifting the Minds of Black Men! @VdubBoogie @PlaytoMusic @Indydynasty

                    MindFood Monday episode 5

was Inspired by A birthday party I attended over the weekend not only did I Enjoy a live performance from Ms Aja Wilson ( @ajaWilson ), But I gathered much understanding of what has to be Done to bridge the Gap between what we call successful Black men and Inner city black men. This Blog is to present all the information shared on MindFood Monday ep 5. If your like me you want to verify and certify as well as learn more about a topic Presented, Spoken word , passionate speeches, and a messages always hidden behind what im playing an discussing on the show


@SuliBreezy – I will not let Exam results Determine my Fate.

self determination and self worth, self empowerment and self understanding, crucial for the mind of any man, this Spoken word was to empower those men who may not have been Able to attend school or reach the level of President, but are men and self educated non the less.


@BarackObama – MoreHouse Graduation speech 2013

I Must Again Congratulate the MoreHouse University Class of 2013, higher education is not a simple task, and leaving training with your Own mind your own pride and your own understand can never be taken from you


@DrMartinLutherKingJr – 1967 On Economic Boycotts Jobs For Black Men, Racism In The North!

In Honor of The Now MoreHouse Alumni the Inspiration and Legacy of Dr King has been Embedded into you since Day one on Campus. the shoes you Must fill and the Task you must complete was set forth By Men who did not have the Full Knowledge that you Poses, nor do they see the mistakes they were going to make as great as you have studied them. Protect your legacy


@MspaigeMusic – Come Baby


@MsPaigeMusic – Higher


@AjaWilson- Turn to Dust


I find Professor/Brother Larry or @Ljames418 on youtube to be a very insightful , I highly recommend his channel and Perspective on Certain topics, currently Brother larry is showing powerful black images in the community


@DrUmarJohnson Breaks the Myth of the DeadBeatDad’s

Dr Umar Johnson should be one of the first minds you encounter in th econsiuos community and one that will remain, this brothers is providing the logical explanation in the proper context for the problems we face in the community from a profession perspective and he is worth listening to and supporting as well http://www.umarjohnson.com


@Chewy – fueled by Hate


@SoledadOBrien Discusses her Documentaries and the underlying tone of Some Americans to sweep Race issues America Under the Rug


In honor of Malcolm X and the legacy of A strong Man he left for us to imitate or exceed I choose to first play the last speech he made prior to the speech in which he was assassinated ,

the Musical interlude was Produced by @PlaytoMusic  http://www.youtube.com/user/Prafet123



@MalcolmX – the house negro and the Field negro (extended clip )


@SuliBreezy – Why I hate school But love Education –

The messages from this brother are deep and his works growing , im inspired by truth and I heard it thru these spoken words

and the show ended with the Knowledge of a Fallen God

if you cant Respect the Words of @NamKcalb or the insight this brother presents do you deserve the title of @BlackMan – NamKcalb@ ?

and to here the episode you might have missed


and to download it for travel



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