The Evidence Keeps being Presented

We are Modern Man

Well most of us

but the science of the Blood and Evidence of Migration and Archeology all say practically the same thing – Hominids developed in the Garden of Eden , Owe I mean Ethiopia or the Source of the Nile. and spread from there

We are no Doubt Related to Neanderthal but are not them, completely different species with , like reproductive systems like Lions and tigers in a sense, the fact that Europeans and Asians posses Neanderthal blood only explains that Neanderthal women understood the process of keeping your genetics alive

im not going to go into the debate of civilizations and who was wild and savage –

what im showing, which is well-known knowledge and quite hard for some to understand for Odd reasons is that Modern man and even Neanderthal both sprang from the heart of cultivation for the world


you can read the full article in the link above and read my article regarding Neanderthal Legacy below


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