#MindFoodMondays ep4 @VdubBoogie @IndyDynasty with @Playtomusic and @DashingMsDennis

               so far the Best episode of MindFood Monday yet

as promised the links played on the show for you to check out for yourself

the first was a special #MindFoodMonday intro song From @PlaytoMusic

Minister Louis Farrakhan delivers a speech in union temple Baptist church in Washington DC in the year of 1993

What is wrong with the black Family


in honor of the Grandson of Malcolm X – Malcolm shabazz it was relevant to share the information reguarding his death and a few words or his own this was brought to you by @CauseOfSlavery on youtube or @AngelSnupnup7 and the Reality temple on earth


now the fall of the father and the concept needed perspective so I used a clip from @TjSotomayor showing the example of the fall of the father


no that was part one and I never played part 2 but for you here it goes


and of course @Spell_Phillipe – To Lagit


I urge you to download her mix tape great female artist , rebellious music

Michael Eric Dyson defends Hip Hop as he opens up the Debate Hip Hop on trial


As I continue my journey in helping the black family I use as many resources I can and the Famed , Dr Umar Adullah Johnsons explains the black family dynamic from his perspective and knowledge



Dr.Umar Abdullah Johnson Contact Infomation:


The Poetry was spoken and written by @Spell_Phillipe I played it because it had my name in it – if I can throw shot it should be wise to take them as well

@SwoopsFilms on youtube is  responsible of The Message to black men : Be Fathers for ya Children


His words – 60% percent of Black Kids are raised without a father because most of these ignorant thugs think its cool to get 5 and 6 different pregnant and not be a father to their kids us older black men need to teach these younger black males to stop making excuses for bad behavior and take responsibility for their own actions

this brother delivers more powerful messages I believe it comes from a  deep spot and if you have the time to listen cant hurt to just take it

the Honorable Judge Mathis , precide over a case in which a man has nine children another child on the way and is being sued by his former lover for unpaid bills and damages honestly of all the links and sound-bites I played this one is very crucial in its dynamic


and before the phone call @Tjsotomayor Ethered Jill Scott for an image I also found offensive and you can find the image and my commentary about here at www.blackcanty.wordpress.com

and here is the full clip from @Tjsotomayor


and for the full episode and to hear the phone call from @DashingMsDennis



and you can download the episode here




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