Neanderthal Legacy being protected by Decendents

Neanderthal Legacy being protected by Decendents.


3 thoughts on “Neanderthal Legacy being protected by Decendents”

  1. Intriguing. As an activist and advocate, I’m often asked whether or not the “Civil Rights Movement” was a failure or success. What do you think?

  2. success but not for the negro or blacks in America –
    a simple look at the stats from 1965 to now , will prove me logically correct

  3. Lol. I always tell them that if indeed the Civil Rights Movement was successful, there would be no need to seek clarity regarding its success. The mere fact that the movement arouses more queries and controversies than clarity, validates the point that the movement or lack there of is stuck somewhere between ambivalence and ambiguity. Although laudable, episodically sporadic events occurred combating the Civil Rights plight of Black people throughout history and across the globe, the success of the Civil Rights Movement has failed to come to fruition as a direct result of divisiveness between the Black community concerning its goals, aims, needs, wants and definitions of civility and equality; centuries of poverty and economic discrimination; and the unprecedented violence and brutality wrought upon the global black community during and in the wake of colonialism…. I’m contacting you because I know we can build. You’ve never met a mind like mine.

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