Mother vs Son in mayoral race, Or Much much Moore ?

I became aware only of this small town because I frequent a radio show  in the morning on . Now to be fair I’ll explain the scenario A candidate for Mayor called in to well endorse  Herself and Story to a wider audience. ( she called the right station ) Ms Wendy Casey Mayoral candidate for the town of Dixmoor, Illinois against her son and 2 other candidates,  the story only became national news because of the standard political tactic of leaks and media calls, but I did find a blogspot article regarding the down and dirty mayoral race. . I was a lil concerned with the subject matter a mother against her son. that realm of discussion goes far beyond that interview which was cut short for me after she explained her initiative toward the town, she had the right idea and could possibly use her son to strengthen her position, instead this family chooses to be an example of the dysfunctions of the African American home. Some including myself agree with the notion that this is a Distraction and a serious one. The town is in desperate need of a leader an one who will change the current circumstances.

Why would I concern myself with this small town of less then 4000 people ? why would I concern myself with a mayoral race that has absolutely nothing to do with my district , my city , my borough or even my state ? an over view of the town population. 52% African American , and 35% Hispanic this, town is an overview of the ” Minority ” Community  and its stress and economic hit in the last 10 to 13 years. you would be surprised to know that with a population of that look that the murder rate from 1999 to 2009 was 0, this is a town 30 minutes away from Chicago south of I57, that in its self was shocking to me 1 rape a year with 2 spikes in 05 and 09 and that was both 3 incidents, the predominate crime is burglary which you would expect when there is  a bad economy, and a community of homes and abandon homes. The out look is what’s  shocking to me, Candidate Casey, in fact both or all Candidates face a town that’s further on the decline then presented. it may be legal and technical but basic , the numbers don’t lie , unemployment , low home prices , an average income of $30,000, the foundations of the community are falling apart and something different needs to be injected. the city statistic.,_Illinois – Wikipedia

this town needs help, its an example of us , so I am troubled a snap shot of the community thru what some would call a recession and I see possibly way more then others. Im looking at this like its the future of the Black community , a look deep into what I feel is again an attack on our already shaky foundations in this country.

thCA9A1NDB thCA057131

Population in 2011: 3,647  the men numbered 1812 and the women 1835 the average age is 31 the ethnic make up is predominantly African American and Hispanic .

  • Black alone – 1,907 (52.3%)
  • Hispanic – 1,295 (35.5%)
  • White alone – 405 (11.1%)
  • Two or more races – 26 (0.7%)
  • American Indian alone – 7 (0.2%)
  • Asian alone – 2 (0.05%)
  • Other race alone – 2 (0.05%)

home sales that peaked on the 3rd quarter of 2007 at $100,000 per sale and value have now dropped down to only $30,000 in all fairness the standard town income is perfect for the standard home purchase in the town , but the banks already sucked the equity out of the area so their is  no need to invest into, what was basically left to fade away or be absorbed , we have fallen down a long ways away from Black wall street . but the snap shot o f this town is gives the ideals of Black’s in charge in control – but pride is whats holding this town back , the town needs to be honest , they need to admit why their going broke , what will boost investment and town income , eventually a school will close , more homes will be abandon and people will begin to get prosecuted on trumped up charges just to cover up a decade worth of mistakes and is management ,

Can Wendy or Randell Casey solve this problem – No can they put the town on a better path , possibly if they are honest and go straight to the people , the point is we should pay more close attention to this place as a reflection of us and which way this society is pushing us


these are the voting stats for less then 4000 people

1 1 2 2
Registered Ballots Cast Turnout (%) Keevan A. Grimmett Dorothy D. Armstrong Juanita Darden Shirley L. Bobbitt
9500009 All Tally Types 524 158 30.15 46 59 89 55
9500030 All Tally Types 568 202 35.56 95 33 95 87
9500049 All Tally Types 457 118 25.82 67 40 63 52
9500146 All Tally Types 697 92 13.20 46 36 53 38
All   Tally Types 2246 570 25.38 254 168 300 232
Contest   Total 2246 570 25.38 254 168 300 232  


 the stats are sad !

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