Funeral held for Coney island shooting Victim

Im not sure what to say when a former classmate is murdered, not sure what to say when a person I was just with was murdered , not sure what to say when I hear of a friends cousin being gunned down by police , and he was only 16. I’m confused as to what the Gun Control debate is really about, it seems that when a criminal has a plan and an escape route he will get away from law enforcement. saying we need more security more cameras more surveillance more police, and still seeing a steady flux of crime has to say something about strict gun laws. Possibly , just Possibly the Threat of being shot will stop a lot of potential useless crimes. like the one report about in Coney island. Four people were shot , today one is shown respect by fellow friends and neighbors while another clings on to existence. my heart goes out to the elderly women who was caught in this tragedy.

But here lies the Conflict, if we can March and protest for justice in East Flatbush we must be just as Vigilant in bringing Justice to these Victims of tragedy. it may help if what people call Outstanding citizens to be armed in-order to protect or at least catch victims and perpetrators. we cant personally rely on law enforcement this is what other communities have understood, they have established neighborhood watches , and gates to keep things like this from occurring , it also helps them to keep things like this private.

so again I must look at sad faces and black clothing from friends who knew the tragic victim, and bits and pieces of the story unfold each person whispering a piece of what they know and have heard, you see the pain, the hurt, the numb look of death the same as you get from those after images of 9/11. It’s sad but all to familiar, possibly way to familiar. What is Stop and Frisk proving ? what are the constant harassments and police presence proving ?   to most nothing, to some Generating revenue and shift hours Quotas and court cases.

they say know your self, but knowing yourself is knowing your people and them knowing you , my people need help and possibly myself because faced with the choice I would defend myself to the death and others around me. this reaction would come before peace or calm. and with good cause. My people have been bread to fight and attack

no need to march or protest , what we need is a reality check , lets not wait for a stray bullet to kill another child or another innocent to be slaughter , lets start teaching now moving now progressing now educating now working for prosperity now . its that or this country really does need the prison industrial complex

peace and ancestral blessing family hopefully these kind of days stop in these kind of ways !



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