Scrolls in the air

                            its such a tragedy that among us it is us who destroy us. you don’t need a historian or philosopher to make clear the situation that we face today. Historically we were great , we built empires and civilizations , we sparked religion and science. today we are but a part of a shadow of our former selves. the imprint of slavery is still in the older Generation and the New enslavement has captured the New generation , and in-between there is a gap left there by the drug/Reagan bush era. I see a change in sight , but its far off and requires a genuine disconnect from what this society offers. The conditions faced by Modern civilization is a Condition of Mass Production and less Productivity, we are not masters of our environment , so our environment has mastered us.

                          The Fear of the unknown is not as great as the Fear of the Know , knowing is a powerful tool, when you understand how and why a person has a characteristic you tend to speak to them in a manner they would understand. the Conscious awaking is happening but its not touching all or reaching the ones who are set in their ways. no matter your scholarship , your title , your logic , your following , your constitution , your offer , these people are now mentally handicapped in the ways of progression. the people who judge your addiction but not their compulsion lack understanding and should not judge because both are one in the same. the People who talk about people who talk about people are the highest of hypocritical people to me. And the heart of the ones who smile in your face while whole heartedly talking about you outside of your presence is one id rather not associate with , Hearts like that have a way of infecting others with despair and negative palpitations.

                                 One who would treat a child with the same evil heart they treat their enemies with have a fate to suffer I will never know , those who condemn without knowing all their wrongs and faults has the time stop , and observe. we cant rush into a situation and expect to know everything, you cant possibly fully understand all aspects of a situation, only your limited perspective , we all have one , yet the further back you remove yourself the bigger your perspective becomes – and at that point knowing where you fit in becomes essential and relatively easy to accomplish. KnowthySelf who else can stress that more , I ask that you do it , look into a mirror after this and ask am I an oppressor, do I do to my people what they want me to do , do I contribute to an eventual culture , am I helping to degrade the image of my people . is the world on my shoulders ?


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