Gravity Does Not Exist

Gravity does not exist ! I wish it were not true but pressure is what holds us or Pushes us to earth. right now as you read there is over 1000kg of air pressure being exerted over your body , you cant feel it because your use to it ! its the equivalent of a Vw  beetle really ! every square inch of air is about 14.7 pounds. this is pushing down on you from every part available always keeping you stuck on earth and always falling to the center.

take clay for instance if you form clay into 2 perfect squares then press on them the distortion starts in the center because the most pressure is now there, Nothing is pulling us to earth , but something is pushing us down. and atmospheric pressure is measured at sea level yet there is still pressure in caves greater pressure. the deeper you go the more pressure you feel this is not gravity, this is pressure!.

I don’t have the Mathematical equation to reverse the theory of gravity , that apple that feel from the tree is so deeply rooted in the mind of man that its actually formulated and this is consequently stifling many progression in humanity. to think of Gravity of A force and not a pull is to understand ancient technology, we have become backwards and should initiate in the path of reversal

now air water and practically most elements are affected by temperature and the movement causes static , lightning , tornados , hurricanes , and typhoons – helium can only fall so far into the sky before it is forced back, so to for Hydrogen all things on earth are trapped in the atmosphere the easiest way out is literally at the top of the line where the pressure begins.

Maybe this is esoteric to extreme of thought but if everything expands and contracts at the same time if the universe is expanding, so is earth , but its contracting at the same time we call this contraction gravity , but the universe is pushing back on earth as it expands out from its center. the cells in your body operate the same way. expanding contracting creating destroying  multiplying dividing all at once . this is a thought I cant let go of,


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