That happy Period or Hell week ! PMS Problems

This wont benefit many men , only because they truly like the women of their life to be irritable. I cant do it , so I’ve decided to look into herbal or Natural remedies for PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome. if you don’t live with a women and don’t intend to its better you save the information just incase you change your mind one day, and face the issue of PMS. Countless methods can be used to ease the issues associated with the Syndrome its a matter of will power and drive the person has to want to change or not suffer from the symptoms is so this post is intended to help . ill run down the book knowledge and studies before I even attempt to mention what I know has been beneficial personally, in my surroundings, my actions or words during that emotional period . I have 4 books and a few articles that I have used to provide this information , the Doctors book of Home remedies , the women’s encyclopedia of health & emotional healing , a consumers dictionary of medicines, and National Geographic desk reference to Natures Medicine. most or all of these books can be found online or at your local library.

Hormonal imbalance , leads to emotional imbalance in women, we really have to live our life in balance or we will fall prey or be susceptible to all kinds of symptoms or conditions or extreme emotions . several herbs are used in keeping a balanced natural hormone level , a healthy diet or at least a modified diet can also provide the body with the essentials to counteract most PMS effects. Dr. Susan Lark created “the women’s diet ” its a simple formula for helping the body coupe with or relieve most of your Symptoms. The women’s Diet is basically

  • What to Eat: Complex carbohydrates-whole grains, breads, cereal, rice, potatoes, pasta, seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • What to Limit: Protein
  • What to Avoid: Sugar candy, cookies, cakes, soft drinks and coated cereals, caffeine Coffee, tea and Colas, Fatty foods chips, fried foods, chocolate, alcohol, and salt if your prone to retaining water

Herbal supplements are also available Vitamin B6 : for Mood swings, fluid retention, breast tenderness, Bloating, Sugar cravings, and Fatigue – Vitamin A and D : for skin – Vitamin C : for antioxidants and stress reduction – Vitamin E also an Antioxidant which has effects on the Hormones, helps with painful breast symptoms, Anxiety, and Depression – Calcium and Magnesium: helps with Cramps and pains , the Magnesium is used to help the body absorb the calcium – L-Tyrosine: an amino Acid which helps the brain produce Dopamine a natural Anti-Depressant . There are Natural ways to ingest these vitamins, vitamin D is free if you just stand in the sunlight for a short amount of time absorbing enough rays as not to damage the skin. Vitamin E can be found in Brazilian Nut, Cayenne pepper, Dog rose, Orange, pumpkin, Queen Anne’s Rose, and Valerian. L-Tyrosine can be found in peanuts, almonds, avocado, lima beans, pumpkin seeds, banana, and natural Soy bean . Nature has its ways to heal and help you , and the fresher the better. The Book of Home Remedies list 28 ways to treat the symptoms of PMS.

  1. Don’t worry be happy – Positive thoughts and confidence
  2. Eat a little ALOT – small meals with doses of the required nutrients and vitamins
  3. Avoid empty calories – refines sugars ,soda ,candy (yes chocolate)
  4. Decrease dairy – no milk no cheese no cottage cheese no pizza non dairy creamers
  5. ferret out fats – animal fats may contain high estrogen levels , use unsaturated plant fats
  6. Restrict salt – no restaurant foods prior to your cycle if any at all ,
  7. Fill up with Fiber – fiber helps remove excess estrogen from the body
  8. cut the Caffeine Habit – it fosters anxiety and irritability also breast tenderness
  9. Abstain from alcohol its an intoxicant the problem is self-explanatory
  10. Say no to Diuretics – Diuretics absorb minerals from the body which are crucial to other areas
  11. Get more Active – increase your blood flow , exercise and breathe cool fresh air – no smoking
  12. De-Stress your Environment – clean spaces open areas and live colors of stimulation
  13. Breath Deeply – pay attention to the flow of air in and out your body
  14. Sink into a tub – a relaxing warm bath with Epsom or sea salt and no lights
  15. Get a New Attitude – Don’t let the symptoms beat you, plan to clearly beat them
  16. Lubricate your chassis – Dry skin is a condition of PMS essential oils are good for your skin ( Menthol and Camphor)
  17. Seek the Sun – Vitamin D is available on any clear day , use your lunch break to the sun
  18. Try A little Romance – Sex, Oxytocin and heart care
  19. Get an Advanced from your Sleep Bank – Sleep is important to the balance of your body and hormones
  20. Save Social obligations for Another time – no dinner parties , no ladies night , completely an utter peace
  21. Don’t hide the truth – Be aware of your Symptoms and let those close to you know of your situation

The Book dives into controlling your cravings and the ingestion of the vitamins I already provided for you. Emotionally PMS can be draining and more a means of pushing people away when you really need their understanding. If you find your self alone its always best to keep your self occupied and moving , it may not be as comforting during certain points but the Mind is crucial to your well-being. I believe in meditation like medication use when necessary. there is no certified cure for PMS you must test trail natural alternatives for your body , you have 11 full cycles in a month, each month should be tried if you have time a new method of control.

Personally I have seen the destruction pharmaceutical drugs can do on the body over prolonged use. the best options in my personal opinion is natural consumption of the needed vitamins. I have compiled a List of Natures Medicine in the hopes you examine these few items and possibly incorporate them into your diet with or without PMS symptoms.

  1. Alfalfa
  2. Chaste Berry
  3. Common Privet
  4. Eleuthero
  5. Evening Primrose
  6. Jaborandi
  7. Pau d’Arco
  8. Red Clover

this Information is for you to pick an choose according to your body structure and type. your symptoms and conditions but in all Honesty staying healthy knowledgeable and in tune with the world has to offer you I can guarantee the possibilities are limitless.

I do not proclaim to be doctor or certified professional, this information is a compilation of the information of other physicians and researchers ,


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