@passport_cutty Breaking the Modern Mis-conception about reality

                                      I couldn’t resist but to point out what I’ve been saying and trying to get stubborn females to understand . clearly im not the only one who see that you have to break the brainwashing prior to fixing the brain , there is a condition forced on by illusions of reality , and some women either fail to see the signs or just plainly don’t want to hear it . well don’t follow or listen  or watch @passport_cutty if you enjoy the taste of the steak in the matrix . things get real fast and if your not prepared to take a dose of reality well out goes your guts

Perception has people thinking and feeling out of character when the mirror image is presented and seems flawed in reality. this cant be right . its not tru . no its not possible . I have learned that some women prefer to know the lie then the truth because it provides comfort and security, that’s exactly why the truth hurts way more then it would someone who accepted it at  the onset and made an adult choice to either partake or remove themselves from the situation entirely. what is she saying so wrong ? I can tell you THE TRUTH !

Now if your gonna stand in the front and be out spoken then you have to expect critique and slander, ignore the blatant hate as it serves no purpose to spend energy proving what is known ignorance. Rebuttals are common in the work of bringing information to people who desire it , @passport_cutty is no different . she recently did a video regarding side-chicks that set twitter on fire , but it seems now its catching on to the YouTube stars or what ever they call some of these people . so its only Fair  to post the video so that you can see passport then the rebuttal  .

http://youtu.be/jOOrFWjPcc0 – @Passport_Cutty list the rules for side chicks

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azrp-pBroLw&list=HL1361310059 – the response from –https://twitter.com/GREENeyedM0NSTR

Well Im sure Morally according to society and its guidelines passport is out of order, but its a changing time and a changing people , the old bonds do not hold to this generation of free thinkers and observers , they stopped scientist who practiced research they thought was against the church and now that same mental influence is stopping what is already a shifting trend, the wording I will say is hard to deny , it is negative, Side Chick just rings wrong , second wife may be more in-tune with appealing to society. women have been brainwashed so long to think and believe relationships to be a certain way but a definition does not bind 2 people alone but more, you can check your dictionary to verify that statement.


with that said . you  get what you ask for , maybe it was a reach for fame . or just an honest humble response to a video someone felt strongly about , either way its a matter of having substance . and question’s were posed , and statements made it depends on how you see the world . some can answer and some can understand the statements made .


some facts are hard to deny , boys will be boys and men, men . the obvious reason I always tell women they have concluded is the fact that good men are hard to find , and may be worth sharing at this point . women don’t feel the same way nor posses the ease it would take to form bonds like men , not saying it cant happen because it can I’ve written about it. even showed pictures of it


what is a hard cold statement ? one that resonates and vibrates thoughts .


now im not saying all men are cheaters , nor is she its a clear statement broad in its generalization of situations that we all sometimes fall prey to ,it is a combination of added studies and numbers , its actual observation and reality , look around at the world you live in from reality TV to the people at your job , cheating is rampant and almost widely accepted like other taboo things from 30 years ago. we have either started to progress or revert either way its a protection mechanism to protect our legacy and preserve the strongest gene. men and women give off strong sexual symbols that attract mates, then that brain of ours longs for certain or specific needs its only nature to do what we can to survive, its confusion prohibiting that change in us all


this is statistics , facts that people tend to fight me over. I’ve come across a lot of them as well , they figure this little piece of world we live in is it all , but its not and even in our area the stats prove that beside abortion and killings women are not producing children nor creating families and men are not structure causing more issues thru child basterdization . this is all deeper then some video or tweet it goes to the root of the problem in society , a lot of you people would claim to be Christian forgetting that the nation whom the bible speaks of was formed by a man with multiple wives and his father had multiple wives . the tradition has taken on a new precedent because we have suppressed it for so long , had it grown with civilization. this argument with cutty and these holy then Mary   females will go on and on as either the females are guilty or being cheated on them selves , @GREENeyedM0NSTR had a point in her video , if all Parties are aware then maybe this is a different subject matter , a different discussion for a different blog , but as of now I’m hoping I kind of  would like @GREENeyedM0NSTR to answer the question asked or posed its fair to and could help other women to understand the discourse.


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