Mars and Venus


I could never understand what women meant by saying they want a good man. realistically I was looking thru the eyes of a child so I read into the contradiction more then the statement . how could you want a good man if your not a good women , or even close to the women they showed on television who actually had the good man. the explanation is I want a man , who can take care of me , house me , and love me. and he cant do this and he cant do that and he has to be perfect and have sex for hours when she wants and understands when she doesn’t. I gladly tell the Jesus died 2000 years ago he was broke and alone , good men don’t die alone , rebels and revolutionaries do .
so apparently I’m a little fed up with the list that men have to fulfill with out pre-requisite from women , its getting outta hand where horrible girls are spoiling good men. the ideas you think or believe to be a good man actually contradict what culture and family should be about. see women want a man who can spoil them , make them feel wanted , needed , loved , they want to feel compassion , be the lust of his eyes. all by just waking up in the morning . now before you get all defensive I’m obviously generalizing and if you begin to feel some kind of offense reading this piece it may be time for you to re-evaluate yourself and how you treat people or the men, Man you say you want in your life .
what warrant’s a good Man , I know its not sex , and if you believe that’s all you have that can catch a good one and that’s all you need. you should either keep reading or stop it now , the realization that you might be a great sexual experience is over because lets be honest other people can do what you do if not better , for less work on a mans part. we tend to forget that others want and need the same limited resource, a quality mate . if you believe in what you want then like the rest of life you got to work for it . I say this because you can make a good man the worst person on earth. people change due to there surrounding, if your surroundings are draining all your good then what will be left is only bad. opposites attract but even magnets loose there connection after time if it wasn’t strong to begin with.
ill be honest I believe feminism has made half our women strong the other half slave masters. we have not looked for equality or even a balance we have created a society that has no real bonding connection other then the negative attributes we see and are taught. modern society is suffering a breakdown of culture and with no culture there is no real structure or method of teaching the young how they should act as adults, I know my generation was raised by the Television family, and looking back that family structure was dysfunctional, for the most part what we have seen in the last 50 years is a degrading of the family not just the black family but the family in general. and only the people who have focused on family and not personal gain have progressed to wealth and longevity in their relationships
your selfish , so am I but I’m beginning to understand to let it all go because it was me causing my problems with my selfish ways. it was me wanting something from someone I didn’t deserve I wasn’t working for it so I didn’t get it , and as I progressed I got bitter I stopped doing more and started getting less to the point where I just could not see any positive coming to me . this made what ever good qualities we both had gone , and probably forever when it comes to that relationship. I’m not saying it cant work , but its rare and its usually one person is extremely submissive while the other is dominant and this works for people. up until somebody gets bored.
we are from 2 different worlds a man can go out work all day , bust his ass just to take care of home , his children and his family. he will work at the bottom of a pit to the top of a mountain for what he believes to be his own . a man will give up sacrifice all his dreams and wants to make sure his family can dream and want. an man will father his children and any other who needs to be fathered a man will give up his life so that his family can have it. and at the end all a man wants to know is that he is appreciated in the efforts he has put forward In support of his home. a man just wants to know he is doing the right thing the best he can do, he does not want to go do all he can and in the end find that you are never satisfied ( Black Women ) and even when he gets this right you still have a complaint or something to say. this breaks a mans heart shatters his ego and actually damages your relationship in the long run. some men are to tough to tell you they are hurt, some will tell you go get your own but more then likely a man will try and do better the next time to please the women of his life .
I could be speaking a foreign language to some people and that’s sad, I’m speaking the tongue of the selfish lovers those who feel to punish you some how someway by holding back , placing control over and allocating love. its a joke , we talk and never listen speak and expect to be heard. we forget logic in our emotions and in that instant forget to submit to what we say we want. if we want a good women we should do things required to attract and keep them. if you want good men you should be able to attract and keep them. you can set a goal and not overcome obstacles to reach it.
its just apparent that no relationship is 50/50 they mostly have a balanced imbalance and the weak points of one are the strong points of the other. The old way of thinking is damaging the minds of the new relationship this concept of men will be men, men are dogs , men cant control them selves is a mind frame that sticks in the sub-conscious doing damage consistently in relationships time and time again. Breaking the mind is simple if your truly serious , it only takes some yellow sticky notes and constant repetitions of the thought change process until it becomes second nature. like driving manual or riding a bike. you have to want something not say you want it , in meaning you want something you go out get it and work for it. self confidence helps as well as removing all doubt.
Never Let your man keep asking! if he has to beg you – The minute he is offered what he begs for , from someone he believes is of quality you either stand the chance of losing of sharing your man. lets be honest look at the past things we have done , as men we know you have been and are still approached by men who would love to spend time with you as well , an as men we are proud you choose us . But we are men and as your man we hope to be your attraction the one you cant keep your hands off of. and if there is a medical issue for your relationship sake you should disclose that information and if its true love go to the doctors office and share in the care of each others life.
yea we have really forgotten the value of relationships, we throw around terms we have no clue to the meaning of, use terms we are not in agreement to, tell ourselves what is when we can see clearly what is not. The phycology behind the mistakes we have in our relationships are deep , and Multiculturalism could be the Problem. But the reality is we are in control we see what’s around us and we adapt or are influenced to the good or the Bad.
What I’m clearly saying is that if you say you want a Man , Clubs every weekend is not how you can keep him, saying you want a women, being lazy is not how you keep her. if you want a relationship not submitting to it is not how you keep it , not supporting the other is not how you keep it, expecting and not giving is not how you keep it , we should want our relationships to paint the future of our family. it should reflect how the later structure should be. if confusion is always in the relationship don’t expect that to change in the future. if goals are set and met, then a relationship has no limits. the main term that should be removed is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE its a misrepresentation of the Concept of love, and yes love is a Concept.
we set forth conditions on everything we do and that is what we should make clear , life is subject to change and it should be known that your not willing to change at all !



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