Is the Fight Genitically Modified ?


I am all for Natural non pesticide grown foods , I am also all for non modified foods . the Thing is trying to fight against a system of mass production with slogans pictures protest , or even vile language towards people who don’t understand your passion for non-engineered foods is really a waste of time . the energy you waste fighting against this massive system could be used to alter the course of this massive system .  to think you have scratched the surface on GMO prodocts and the extent they go , when you hear Monsanto you don’t think Patented Genes , whole crops being taken due to patent infringement from farmers who use to let Nature fertilize their crop , it seems the pollen is now GMO , so home gardens are subject to Genetically modified pollen . changing or reversing this cycle is becoming harder and harder but it is possible to almost find or return  the food back to its original genetic state , Mendel’s Law of segregation would have you mate crops with its former non modified version, then seed that off spring again with a different type yet also non modified crop , each Dilution of the Gene should help to remove most of the alterations ,

the Genetic code has been broken several times over for plants and animals as well as humans now , and we tend to think of technology as right now but what we see as a marketable product has been tested for years then implemented then presented to the public , in National Geographic Magazine volume 166 , no 3 December 1984 page 834 there is an article in Bold print Engineering new plants , the article goes on to explain how grafting a bean plant and a tobacco plant to completely form a new plant . this was in 1984 and they were going as far as to create a bean even a Muslim could smoke or eat in fair conscious

plant1 plant2 plant3

there is a change that even your ” Organic ” food may be Modified,

the Definition in America for Organic is tricky and not specific, nor does it cover GMO products – federal legislation defines three levels of organic foods. Products made entirely with certified organic ingredients and methods can be labeled “100% organic,” while only products with at least 95% organic ingredients may be labeled “organic.” Both of these categories may also display the USDA Organic seal. A third category, containing a minimum of 70% organic ingredients, can be labeled “made with organic ingredients,” but may not display the USDA Organic seal. ( ) if you have Instagram and are really interested in learning about GMO or at-least being aware of what you consume try and visit .

how do you fight against Genetically Modified crops , well as I said Medels law of segregation or finding a supplier who has a specific strain not under corporate patent. trying to fight against 30 years of manipulation and genetic transformation is going to be a serious problem , most documentary about the situation  are dated or taken years ago , and as People begin to become aware of what is really happening they are finding out the fight is bigger then they could have imagined

Did You Know? The first genetically engineered whole product to hit the U.S. market was Calgene’s Flavr Savr tomato, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1994. The tomato was developed because many U.S. consumers had expressed displeasure with off-season tomatoes that were tasteless and hard. Ripe tomatoes cannot normally be trucked long distances because they spoil too quickly. Tomatoes are picked green and chemically ripened. The Flavr Savr tomato was engineered to stay on the vine longer, develop more flavor, and ship long distances without rotting. The company’s research, which demonstrated to the FDA that the modified tomatoes were as safe as conventional ones, became a model for the agency’s procedures for reviewing the safety of biotech foods. Though the tomato was relatively well received by the public when it was introduced, production ceased several years later because of production, marketing, and other problems

—Abigail Tipton

( )

the Fear of Genetically Modified foods is real I understand it , respect it , but I am aware of what has transpired and now how to cleanse myself with natural products they have not had the chance to Modify yet. I wish there was a way to negate the corporations and their greed in a massive effort by people ready willing and able to take back their food supply . but for now there’s only off-the grid technology ,

aquaponics and Hydroponics , it would be best to catch your own fresh water fish for an aquaponics system if you intend to eat your own fish supply as well if not gold fish can sustain a small system

aquaponics44. my recommendation would be not to grow any sweet fruits or vegetables in the aquaponics system as the source of nutrients does come from fish waste. you can save your left over vegetation and create a compost bin and from that you should plant your sweet and soil based crops , after a few cycles of growing and seed storing mixing and Modifying your crop you will have diluted the genetic alterations. it is a fight against time and a stand for freedom and real independence .

if you need to know who owns your food check them out this is just one of a few companies

stay healthy , stay herbal , keep your temple in your own standing and your own control



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