If you Knew Better ?

if we Knew better we would do better . I only say this because realistically as I see it the days are numbered when African Americas are  the majority of occupants in Urban Housing developments , urban areas area for people who can provide the service the area Needs , with the African American unemployment rate high , rent stabilization dead we can only imagine what will b e the final Blow . the rules for section 8 and welfare still promote single parent life styles while the effects of the Clinton administration and his no Criminal policy in housing developments it was only a matter of time before the family and the structure was going to crumble , and to just sit and wait for it is pure foolishness , you don’t have to believe alex jones to understand that when your purpose is served up , you will be uprooted and moved the government any government has no problem removing the people they and society believe a drag on themselves and moving or making you dis-appear .

see I know we think we have it hard living in the “Projects as we call it , and we do because we choose to think that’s out only option , its not nor has it been for a long time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRpMAt7Rbv8 I have examples and the first clip I choose to show you was that of New Yorker living off the grid as in investment , and lifestyle , for the most part tax , rent or mortgage free . what are you willing to give up to have real freedom ? the Internet ? electricity ? the Cornerstore ? the city life ? that’s irrelevant if you believe in freedom or at least piece of mind and ownership , why not live in the projects and have land and a House off the grid for your vacation days or as a retreat if ever your apartment cost or the city life got to crazy . http://www.swproperties.com/gland7.html?gclid=CP2DuaLhi7UCFQ-f4Aod8E0Apw if land is for sale at $880 in new mexico , and 4 pair of jordans cost about $1000 , im at a loss to think why you have the jordans and not the land ? hopefully your wondering why yu have the jordans and not the land ! . the Tax time Joke ad prevalent and shown daily on social networks , they are predicting the rise in spending your going do to benefit them. this tax season what will benefit you ? in the long term ?

My people are Behind in the simplest forms of survival , and I cant speak for the southern portion as far as survival methods im really aiming this at those in the city who lack understanding of other areas , nature and terrain . that does not mean the information im planning on presenting is not relevant to the peoples of the south , survival is really what were talking here as cheaply and efficiently as possible……

we have a chance now to take our vast resources and explode with many new innovative methods of building. 2 in general that should consider Earthship technology and container home technology , both seem unacceptable to people who think they are insode the box but the examples of what can be or what is now is a google click away imagesCAOJICDV . it could be possible if your inside a new housing establishment that you live in or have Partial container’s incorporated into the structure that you have no idea about . or maybe you drove by a fancy home one day and said I want a house like that one  imagesCA6ABIQ9imagesCAKTBCQ3

it didn’t dawn on you that possibly just possibly that home traveled the open ocean carried televisions and motorcycles . Forgive me for over reaching but there’s is nothing I cant do with my own hands . so for someone like me this idea is a spark , Earthship Technology is what I see as a method to Quick and affordable housing in small parcels of land  earthships the use of recycled products which are tossed away daily building a home able to withstand hurricane force winds and infact more structurally sound then most modern building standards . earthship technology is the best bet for eco friendly and eco-incorporated   housing


earthships1what does your dream house look like ? what can your imagination bring to your living space ? do you want to live in a Box ? or is a circle a rectangle a pyramid Appealing to you ? you can hate Dr York for what ever you believe about his character , but he Build a Dream . Be it His or Others it was Built , and it Inspired little is know about the fruit Dr York really brought forth as any logical person would stay under the radar , out of the target sight and focused on expansion growth and self substances. the Earthships of New Mexico is that ! and the stature has been laid forth for our people to modified for our own personal gain . if you do have time to check a video out —–> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrMJwIedrWU <—- Garbage Warrior the full documentary ,

now there is another option Tree house technology, but this is more along the lines of vision , money and what your willing to do to live your life free from the normal restrictions and bonds of society , this solution is also eco friendy but can be improved upon in areas with high lightning rates and extreme wind movement  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7aVLMZvNEQ ever kid wants a tree house , why not make that part the safest and actually your kids room attached to you home that’s a modified container with a custom earthship foundation and living quarters , the possiblilties are endless in my mind and infact in my sketch pad . some things I must say while others I must draw  out imagesCAZTUI0E







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